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The changes in my life: So many changes happened for me when becoming a parent, some were positive and some were negative.  When I became a Mother for the first time I realised my life was going to be taking a whole new direction.  Both my home and my body changed, and took some time to become accustomed to. Hayley arrived in my arms when I was only 19 so for me that was a hard enough adjustment. All my friends were going out still and partying it up while I felt trapped at home having to take care of a baby.  A part of me felt like I was being left behind as a lot of my “friends” stopped speaking to me because I could no longer go out with them and be apart of the early morning shenanigans. Then there was the fact that I was no longer a size 6 and my body had to grow up fast to be able to provide for a baby.  Now over the years I have learnt to accept every bump and lump on my body and grow to love the size 10-12 body I have been left with.  Although I would like to get back to my before baby body, this does not mean we can’t still love what we have! The changes in the home: The first major change for me was not being able to have proper décor on the tables and units, as this would attract the kids and get them climbing.  My candles and fragranced products had to go as I had way too many close accidents.  But, every mother has their own sanctuary and a place they go to relax, so I confined some of these products to a room that was off-limits to any young children. Here is my list of products that every mother needs to help her to relax and when the children are old enough are perfect for any room in the house:
  • Reed Diffuser- Always perfect to spice up a room and leave it smelling amazing (even if you did just change a nappy).  I prefer bamboo reed diffusers as I find the bamboo tends to last that little longer.  Some perfect scents for Autumn Winter include: Vanilla, Fig, Sandalwood, Lilac and Lavender.
  • Scented Candles- These are great for every room in the house, especially the bathroom.  When the kids jump into bed and fall asleep, it is the perfect time to get the water running and lay in a candle lit bath.
  • Natural Oil Spray- My favourite is a jasmine spray.  Just give a light spritz over your bedding, to freshen it up. I even spray this on my curtains and couch to leave the rooms smelling fresh feeling that little bit cleaner.
One of my favourite products to have around the home is AQUIESSE vanilla orchid range- Words cannot describe how much I love this smell and how every time I walk into the house by mood can quickly change. [caption id="attachment_95" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Vanilla Orchid Group - LoRes Aquiesse Vanilla Orchid Candles & Diffuser[/caption] How I feel about being a parent now. For me becoming a Mother has been a real roller coaster of emotions and adjustments but I would never have it any other way.  I would even buy another ticket and do it all again!!! Every day is a new day, and every-single-day my girls do me proud and keep a smile on my dial. Even if there are a few grumbly, testing moments there is no other love like that you have for your own child. Every now and then us Mums need a break and need to spoil ourselves- for me it is splurging on some quality scented home products. This way not only do I enjoy them but so do our visitors! You can read more from Erin at www.babybeautyandbody.blogspot.com.au


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