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          By simply following these four steps, you will be closer to looking like a fashion editor every day of the week.


  1. Fashion editors are leaders, not followers, which means they have developed a signature style and do not follow any specific trends. A fashion editor will opt for timeless pieces, which complement their body shape. They will only stick to a limited colour palette: white, black, grey and navy.  Just think simplicity.  A crisp white shirt or a plain t-shirt covered by a stylish blazer and a pair of black, skinny jeans.
  1. Attitude and confidence are two important components all fashion editors encompass. There are a couple of things you can do to help with these if it doesn’t come naturally – sunglasses and a great fragrance. The sunglasses will help with hiding your emotions and insecurities and also making you look more mysterious. You should also always spray yourself with your signature fragrance and carry a small purse-size bottle with you; it will come in handy for those unexpected meetings, or after work drinks. Using a fragrance will make you feel happy and is also a great way to show individuality. My favourite is the Royal Apothic Mini Eau de Parfum.
Fashion Editor Essentials
  1. The way you move – heels are a must for a fashion editor. Not only do they give you extra height, they help accentuate your legs and draw desired attention. It has also been scientifically proven that heels can give you a more attractive walk. The fashion editors usually opt for boots, or closed toe stiletto.
  1. And finally, effortless Parisian hair. Your hair needs to resemble the bed-hair look. Slightly natural, it should have some volume and a little bit of a wave, which can be achieved with some mousse and your hair dryer. The colour needs to also be natural and suit your complexion. And you will always wear it down.


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