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Nothing beats coming home after a long hard day to a clean, fresh smelling house, but you probably know that there’s a world of difference between a room deliciously inviting and bathed in subtle, scented tranquillity and one filled with overpowering, unnatural, in-your-face aromas.

An invisible investment

Scent is your ultimate home accessory. It’s an invisible investment. You can’t see it or touch it, and yet fragrance has the power to evoke memories, transform your mood, and lift you up or wind you down. Your home, awash with scent, will welcome your friends and embrace your family. That’s why finding the right scents for your home is as important as finding your own personal fragrance. Just as the scent you wear everyday speaks volumes about you, the scent you choose for your home does just the same. So, when choosing a home fragrance, you need to take exactly the same time and trouble as you would choosing a perfume.

High quality ingredients make the difference

You don’t want a house filled with toxic or harmful chemicals, so it’s best to choose products that use high quality raw materials. Ecoya and Glasshouse are two home brands famed locally and globally for just that. Both combine true luxury with all natural ingredients. Ecoya Eco-luxe candles are made from high grade soy sourced from sustainable plantations, instead of traditional paraffin wax. That means no harmful chemicals and a candle that burns cooler and lasts one-third longer. Glasshouse uses only food-grade, non-toxic wax in their candles. That means you can burn them safely even if you have a baby or someone with allergies in the house.

Discover what fragrance suits you

Fragrances fall into ‘families’ of woody, green, fruity, oriental, citrus or floral. Each one takes you on a different fragrant journey, and you might choose different scents for different days. But, as a rule of thumb, you might want to choose a green or citrus fragrance for the kitchen or dining area. Glasshouse ‘Cuba’ is a great choice and will fill the room with gentle aromas of Pineapple, Tangerine and Cherry. It will harmonise, rather than compete, with your cooking and food aromas. You might want a romantic floral such as Ecoya ‘Wild Frangipani’ in the bedroom and a woody or oriental such as Ecoya ‘Lotus Flower’ or Glasshouse ‘Sandalwood, Vetiver and Amber’ for the living area. Whatever you choose, it’s important you experiment; go all-out-fun with Glasshouse ‘Chicago’ and the smell of fudge brownies or channel your true femininity with Ecoya ‘Sweet pea and jasmine’.

Think about the area you wish to fragrance

If your room is large, you might choose a candle, as these release the most fragrance. You can burn a candle for a short time or put it on the side and not light it if you just want subtle fragrance. Diffusers filled with fragrance liquid that evaporates come second in intensity. Using both will give a true, multi-layered fragrance experience. Room sprays are good anywhere in the house when you need a short-burst of fragrance, for example, after cooking or just before guests arrive. The secret? Multi-layer and fill your home with fragrances you love. But above all, have fun with fragrance and the joys it can bring to the place you love best.


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