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5 Key Looks for Spring This spring is it’s time to freshen up your look.  Taking inspiration from the French Lilac spray perfume from Pacifica, here are five key looks for spring. 1.  Spring Scent Perfumed in a traditional French style, this fresh scent conjures spring with a blend of Lilac, Magnolia Leaves, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang, Hyacinth and subtle notes of Nectarine.

French Lilac Spray Perfume by Pacifica Perfumes 

 2.  White Pants Once you have the perfect scent, it’s easy to pair with some fresh pieces. White jeans are coming right back in fast! Slightly ripped or pure white, when paired with a fresh tan they always look great.

White Pants

3.  Midi Skirt/ Dress Next on the list is Midi skirts or dresses; the cut that ends between the ankle is right on trend, worn tight of flowing, this cut elongates the body and creates a sophisticated look for anyone.

Midi Skirt

4.  Floppy Hat We all know accessories are key, so our next item on the list is Floppy Hats. The floppy hat in particular is cool because you can pull off looking glam in one or have it be the final touch to your casual outfit!

Floppy Hat

5.  Pastel Nails Our final key look for Spring is sorbet coloured nails, the bright but light pinks, oranges, blues, greens, and even purples, can add that touch of cute colour you might be missing in your look, as small as it may seem, a great nail trend never goes unnoticed.


Have fun with these key springtime looks! And don’t forget to add your favourite Pacifica Scent to the mix!


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