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Both home and personal fragrances are as varied and individual as a well-planned wardrobe or a well-decorated home. They speak volumes about your past, your future and the things you love.

Spray it and say it!

Fragrance is fun! A dab here, a spritz there, a scented candle or bamboo diffuser and you’re ready to go. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it’s not that simple, because the fragrance you choose speaks volumes about you—it literally broadcasts a message.

Personal fragrances speak

All perfumes ‘say things’ and in the 1950s, no fragrance spoke to women more clearly than Chanel No.5. Marilyn Monroe endorsed the brand; when she was asked what she wore to bed, she provocatively replied: ‘five drops of Chanel No. 5’. The fragrance caused an uproar and became the ultimate accessory for women. It left room for feminine sexuality at a time when women would not dare to talk about their desires openly. Today, it remains one of the world’s top-selling fragrances, with a bottle sold every 55 seconds.

Express Yourself

The world of fragrance has moved on since the 1950s, but one fact remains: the scents you choose for both yourself and your home say a lot about your taste and your personality, or at least the part of your personality you want to show to the world on that day! We know you are far too multi-faceted to be defined by a perfume bottle or a particular essential oil, and we know you want to say different things to the world on different days. Your clothing choices reflect that, and so can the scents you use. It makes for a lot of fun—even if taken with a pinch of salt—to have an armoury of different scents at your disposal for when you want to show a certain side to your personality or say something specific and timely. You can choose scents that reflect who you are, where you came from and what you aspire to. Evoke the fresh fragrances of southeast Asia with Glasshouse’s Saigon - Lemongrass Room Diffuser. Remember the sun and sea of the Mediterranean with Glasshouse’s Amalfi Coast - Sea Mist Room Diffuser. Bring to mind comfort and home baking with Ecoya’s Vanilla Bean Scented Candle Jar. Bring home the French countryside with an Aquiesse Lavender Chaparral Reed Diffuser. Archipelago’s Bamboo Teak Scented Candle Votive has a woodsy smell, clean and full of potential. With more than 1,000 new perfumes coming onto the market each year, you have a lot of choice about what you want to say with your personal fragrance. With the hundreds of home scents at Scentiments, you are sure to find a whole range of scented candles, diffusers and bath and body products that speak eloquently to you, your family and your friends.


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