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With spring just around the corner it’s time to get spring-cleaning! But this isn’t something to feel daunted or scared about, I see it as a fun excuse to re-do and organise the home to make it a great place to live in. To get you started here’s a few tips to nail spring-cleaning and make it all worth it. Firstly, don’t put it off, clear a weekend or a couple of days to get it all out of the way in one go. The first step will be to make a plan, this way you wont get stuck of distracted. Start with the bedroom; make your way to the bathroom; then the kitchen. Start by de-cluttering the house and throwing any anything don’t need. Whether it’s food in the fridge, or clothes you never wear, throw it all away and already the house will feel ten times better. Once this is done, we can start to clean. To make this part a little more glamorous, find a great pair of rubber gloves with patterns or just your favourite colour! Now you can dust, fix, clean and vacuum every surface, cupboard and floor in the house, while looking stylish at the same time.

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Next it’s time to get organised. This step is about making sure each and every item has a place in the house. An easy way to make sure this happens it to buy or build some great storage solutions like boxes, smart beds, wardrobe organisers etc. Howards Storage World is a great place to get every storage solution you need. For something a little more fancy, visit the Pinklily website for some amazing storage solutions.


When everything is finally in place and there isn’t a spec of dust to be found, it’s time to make your house smell as beautiful as it looks. The perfect springtime scent is the Royal Apothic Cutting Garden Luminarie Candle; the smell of freshly cut flowers will surround your home and make it sing through spring! I also love to buy some new accessories to compliment each room. It’s always fun to add a feature colour to each room; by adding a new pop of colour your room will look brand new! Royal Apothic Cutting Garden Candle


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