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Fragrance is a very powerful thing that means different things to different people. Our brains have an olfactive or ‘smell memory’. Every smell we have experienced in our lifetimes has the power to bring about an emotional response in us, and in the same way every single person has a unique life experience, everyone’s ‘scent memory’ is unique. 


No rhyme or reason

If you walk into a room and are at ease and conversant with the smell, it might be the scent of a certain flower, a smell reminiscent of your childhood or a scent that reminds you of happy times. Old memories will come flooding back, bringing feelings of comfort and happiness. Conversely, if you come across a new smell that you haven’t experienced before, this too might inspire emotions: wonder, alertness and curiosity, perhaps.  Smell is a very primal thing. It comes down to instinct. In the same way we know immediately if we like the taste of something, we know immediately if we like the smell. There’s often little apparent rhyme or reason, and that is what makes it difficult for us to convey why we don’t like a certain scent. It’s easier for us to say why we don’t like a colour!


Let your nose guide you

To help guide your nose to scents you will love, think about the fragrances that evoke positive memories. What’s the smell of home? What scents do you associate with the people you love? What fragrances evoke calm and pleasure? What are your most cherished memories? If you can remember the scents that you associate with comfort and happiness, then you have a perfect starting point. Next, think about which of those scents would most enhance your home. If you want to evoke the same emotions in your family and guests that you associate with a particular fragrance, then choose a scent with shared associations. As we’ve said, fragrance has the power to bring about emotion, so when choosing a scent, you need to think about how you want your home to ‘feel’ and what mood and emotions you wish to evoke. If you want your home to feel energised, go for a scented candle with an uplifting citrus scent such as Glasshouse Miami – Pomelo Grapefruit Scented Candle. For a deep, warm feeling, choose Glasshouse’s Monte Carlo – Fig & Guava Scented Candle and for a home filled with all things feminine, opt for Glasshouse’s Monet’s Garden – Tuberose Scented Candle.


Layer on layer

Just as you would layer your favourite fragrance starting with an oil for the bath, a moisturiser for the skin and then a spray of perfume onto your skin, you can do the same in your home. We talked about layering home scents in a recent blog post: How To Scent Your Home. The idea is to create layers of fragrance throughout the space using scented candles, linen sprays, room sprays and scented diffusers for a wardrobe of fragrance that envelopes the whole house in the wonderful smell you have chosen. To help you make your choice, we have a unparalleled selection of scented candles online and available to our customers throughout Australia.


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