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Your decorating style reflects your personality, and so do the home scents that you enjoy the most. It’s no wonder that certain scents tend to coordinate well with particular decorating styles. If you don’t know where to start with our scented candles and diffusers, with their hundreds of different fragrances, then see which of these decorating styles most closely matches your own and then try taking the plunge. 


Pop-Art Modern

If you love metallic accents on black and white with pops of primary colour, then you’ve got a pop art modern sensibility. Maybe you live in an urban high-rise, or maybe you have a sleekly styled suburban home. Either way, you hate clutter and love clean lines and punchy scents. Look for citrus notes and bold combinations in your home fragrances. A scented candle for your black granite kitchen counter: Glasshouse’s Rio de Janiero - Passionfruit & Lime Scented Candle, or a diffuser for your glass coffee table: Aquiesse White Grapefruit Acai Reed Diffuser.



Zen Rustic

Perhaps you’re serous about your yoga practice, or maybe you simply love the look and feel of natural materials and warm colours. Your home has plenty of finished wood, stone and neutral or lightly tinted paint in subtle greyish blues and greens. It’s a clean, simple look, but it’s also warm and calm. You have well-cared for plants inside and a garden you love. Look for fragrances with ripe fruit and calm botanicals. A scented candle for your hand made sideboard: Woodwick’s Vineyard Nights scented candle.  A diffuser for your grey slate side table: Glasshouse Jasmine Wood & Vanilla Room Diffuser.



European Traditional

The inside of your house looks a little bit like an early twentieth century Paris apartment. It might be a bit shabby-chic, or it might be decorated with full-blown continental elegance. It features fine antiques or reproductions, ornate plasterwork and plenty of classical influence. You crave the elegance and romance of times past, and the scent of flowers is always evocative. A scented candle for your mantelpiece: Jaye Niemi’s Lavender, Valencia & Clary Sage Scented Candle A diffuser for your marble-topped hall table: Glasshouse Marseille - Gardenia Room Diffuser.



Split-Century Eclectic

You have your own style, patched together out of family heirlooms, thrift shop finds and carefully considered purchases. You have a mix of original art and antique posters on the walls, and the music in your home is part of its ambiance. You don’t shy away from rich colours or complexity, but somehow it all fits together. Delicate notes of spice and fragrant wood will harmonise perfectly. A scented candle for your Art Deco chest of drawers: Ecoya’s Celebration scented candle of White Musk & Warm Vanilla. A diffuser for the top of the upright piano: Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille Reed Diffuser .


Whatever decorating style you choose, it, like your favourite scents, says something about who you are. When you choose a fragrance for your home, think first of the things you like and the atmosphere you’re trying to create. When you buy a scented candle or diffuser from Scentiments, its fragrance will be an important part of the impression that your home makes. It can reinforce and enhance the things you love most about the space that you have created for yourself, your family and your guests.


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