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How long will your love affair with a fragrance last?

Love and wear forever

Many women have a love affair with fragrance; they find one amazing perfume that they love and wear forever. For Marilyn Monroe, it was Chanel No.5, a powdery-vanilla-floral like no other fragrance before it. For Princess Diana, it was Christian Dior’s clear-floral-romantic ‘Diorissimo’. For Princess Grace Kelly, it was Creed’s ‘Fleurissimo’, especially created for her by Prince Rainier III, designed to complement the wedding bouquet and given as a wedding gift.


A place in time


But how does a love affair with fragrance start? Many fragrances evoke a time in history, so for some, it begins with a particular decade in their lives. The 50’s were epitomised by Chanel No. 5, the 70s by Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche and the 80s by fragrance new-kids-on-the block such as Christian Dior’s Poison and Calvin Klein’s Obsession.

Other women continue a love affair with the fragrance their mother wore; she started them on their journey. It’s no surprise that many of us, decades later, still wear our mother’s favourite perfume, many by choice, but many out of habit, too!


At home with scent

The fact is, we connect with certain fragrances. This is because our brains have ’scent memory’. Every scent we’ve experienced is stored in a memory bank and in turn, that smell has the power to bring about an emotional response. This explains why certain scents make us happy. Many a man buys a fragrance for his wife or girlfriend that is reminiscent of the scent his mother wore. Women often talk of their husbands, boyfriends or children burying their heads in their hair, feeling comforted by their scent.

Indeed, fragrance is a very powerful thing. It can take you back to happier times, remind you of a much-loved friend or bring about wistful nostalgia for times that will never come again. There is certainly something deep and hard to explain that draws each of us to a certain fragrance.

Out with the old and in with the new

But, one day that love affair with a scent may end. It might be that you reach for the same bottle that has served you well for many years and it just doesn’t feel right. It might be the start of a new season, a quest for new discoveries or something as simple as a feeling that it’s time to shake things up and be different and less predictable. That’s the time you know your love affair has ended. Now you can court all manner of different fragrances! The secret is to find a fragrance that makes you feel beautiful and happy.

The same rule applies for home scents; if you’ve stayed with the same scent year-in, year-out, try something different or start your quest to find a new ‘forever fragrance’ for your home.


Find your forever with a scented candle

A good way to navigate around a new fragrance purchase is opt for a candle. Scented candles are a little luxury that give a bit of ‘you-time’ with a new scent. And, if you’re buying for someone else, you can feel confident that a scented candle will be loved by even the fussiest of recipients!

So if up until now you’ve been a die-hard fan of romantic-floral scents, then try a citrus. Everyone loves citrus and you can’t go wrong with it. Try Glasshouse ‘Miami’ – Pomelo Grapefruit Scented Candle. Conversely, if you’ve always opted for citrus in the past, why not try a floral such as Glasshouse 'Monet Garden’ – Tuberose Scented Candle.

If you want to be spoilt for choice, you can find a huge selection of fine scented candles online here at Scentiments, ready to be shipped to you anywhere in Australia.


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