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For the perfect manicure, most of us need to go to the local salon which can be time consuming and expensive.  Here are a few tips to achieve a near perfect manicure from home. Firstly, cleanse your hands with the new Royal Apothic Bubble Cream.  You will only need to use a small amount as this is a highly concentrated cleanser that hydrates and exfoliates in one easy step.  The lactic acid from the milk proteins provides a mild exfoliation, while the olive oil and Vitamins A and E moisturise and repair for younger looking skin.  The Bubble Cream is actually a body wash – but I think it’s perfect for your hands too!  Make sure to use a nailbrush to scrub under your nails, your hands will feel great and already so much better.

Holland Park Bubble Creme by Royal Apothic

Next look after your cuticles, grab a little bit of oil, preferably cuticle oil but a little bit of anything will do, and rush this over the top of your nails, wiping off the excess. Then, using even a toothpick, push them back as far as you can, making your nail beds longer. After this we need to cut and file, the good thing about doing it yourself is that you can get this exactly right for you, go short or long, and shape to be round, square or oval. Then use a buffing file to buff your nails making them smooth and shiny.

Body-care of hands. Woman polishing nails with thу nail file.  

Now to the actual polish, my favourite colours at the moment are O.P.I nudes and pastels, but it’s completely up to you. Make sure you use a base and final coat of clear polish before and after your colour. A Sally Hanson strengthening or shining polish adds a great final touch.


Now don’t touch anything and relax! When your nails are completely dry, which you can check by lightly touching them to your upper lip, finish the mani with some Royal Apothic Hand Crème. My current favourite scent is Venetian Grove.The scent of the Rose Leaf blended with Currant, Plum, Orange, and Clove gives this fragrance a unique bite.  Now you have the perfect recipe for a stay at home manicure!

[caption id="attachment_226" align="alignnone" width="300"]Venetian Grove Hand Creme by Royal Apothic Venetian Grove Hand Creme by Royal Apothic[/caption]


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