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As we’ve mentioned many times before, smell is the one sense that is most closely tied to our memories, which is why a scent can so easily transport you back to some of the most cherished moments in your life. Our beautifully scented bath products give you a clean fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. Many modern women prefer the lighter scent of high quality bath products to the heavier fragrance of perfume, but personal scents can also be layered, and we carry perfumes to match many of our loveliest bath products.

Our scented bath products include high quality soaps, lotions, and perfumes that come with a wide variety of wonderful fragrances both modern and classic. Each one is well crafted, and if you’re ambitious about your fragrance, you’ll be matching and layering scents in no time.


Smell and Feel Clean

Scented lotions, body butters, soaps and body washes all stay with you throughout the day, and even unscented soaps change your fragrance by affecting the balance of your skin’s oils. However, scented soaps are a very effective method for creating a baseline for your personal scent. Vanilla, fruit, and floral fragrances can be beautiful foundational notes that add complexity to your chosen scent, or that can stand alone as a light, subtle touch of freshness.

Even if they’re unscented, the active ingredients in moisturisers often have a light fragrance. For instance, cocoa butter and coconut-based moisturisers rarely have any added perfumes, but those two ingredients have distinct scents that last quite a long time after application. Fortunately, they smell wonderful and are not overwhelming, so they’re great to layer with other fragrances! Most likely, you’ll use soap or body wash first, moisturiser second, and then perhaps add a light perfume.


Perfumes for Personal Fragrance

Your personal fragrance will leave a mark in the minds of those who love you, as will the scents in your home and bath, which means that finding the right perfume really is a joy. There are plenty of different scents out there ranging from bright, fruity fragrances like citrus or mango to the spicy, earthy tones of lavender or sandalwood perfumes. Try to choose bath products that harmonise with the perfume you wear most often, or purchase a perfume to match your favourite bath products. Once you have given some thought to scent and entered the right frame of mind, you’ll probably find choosing and layering fragrances to be a great creative outlet in its own right.

We have hundreds of different fragranced products available in our store, so if you’re shopping for anything from perfumes to scented candles online, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a single scent or trying to come up with a unique combination, you’ll be able to find something that suits you perfectly.


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