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At this time of year, spring is well under way here in Australia and summer is just around the corner.  For many, this is our favourite time of the year, but it isn’t always the best weather for our skin. With warm weather beginning to set in, our skin may become dry and irritated, so it’s important that we start protecting our skin early in the year by getting it hydrated, exfoliated and perfect for the long summer months ahead. Here are some of my favourite products that you can get here at Scentiments to prep your skin for a great summer. Firstly, you need to make sure your skin regularly exfoliated, I suggest once a week so that dry skin doesn’t build up but not too often as skin can become red and irritated.


As we know, keeping our skin clean is most important, the Pacifica range of soaps and body washes are great and all vegan, so they won’t irritate the skin. My picks for a great summer scent would be Hawaiian Ruby Guava or Indian Coconut Nectar, but of course the whole Pacifica range is based off a summer feel, so any of your faves will set the scent!

Pacifica Body Wash

Next and perhaps most importantly is to keep skin moisturised and hydrated using any matching Pacifica body butters, or an amazing Royal Apothic Body lotion and matching hand crème, these will really hydrate your skin leaving a smooth, long lasting feeling.  By using products like these you’ll be able to keep your skin clean, exfoliated and hydrated all year round – especially through the summer months!

Royal Apothic[2]

Royal Apothic Hand Creme[/caption]  Don’t forget to always protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen every day.  If you don’t like the feel, smell or effort of using sunscreen, try the new Ultra Sheer Sunscreen by Neutrogena, it is the most amazing sunscreen product I have found that gives a sheer, all over coverage you can hardly feel.  It comes in SPF50 and will always protect your skin, even in severe temperatures like in Bali or Byron Bay in the middle of summer I didn’t get sunburnt once, and I'm pretty prone to it! At the end of the day, make sure you look after your skin and it will continue to look fresh and young.


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