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As one of our five senses, our sense of smell is always helping us process the world around us, even if we don’t know it. Just as seeing something unpleasant or hearing a jarring noise can sour our mood, so can an unpleasant odour. Luckily, the opposite is also true; a pleasurable scent can bring on a more positive mood, and a beautifully scented interior can brighten everyone’s spirits. How this works from person to person is individual, however, it is undeniable that fragrances affect our moods.

Ecoya and Glasshouse Scented Candles


Takes you back in time

It doesn’t just have to be the smell of baking cookies; virtually any familiar scent can remind you of days gone by. For one person, the smell of love in Ecoya's Sweet Papaya & Melon scented candle might remind them of their wedding day, or the smell of mint might remind them of helping their mother in the garden. Maybe the warm smells of leather and wood evoke memories of a much loved father or grandfather. Individuals have libraries of scents associated with moments and people in their past lives, and if you can find the ones that remind you of pleasant memories, then you can practically go back in time simply by lighting a candle.


Changes your perceptions 

Some say a pleasant fragrance can change how attractive a person appears to be. That effect can work in a home, too; that’s why estate agents take the time to scent a home they are trying to sell. A house that smells familiar and family friendly with a scent like Glasshouse Tahaa, a vanilla caramel scented candle, is more likely to attract buyers than the smell of fresh paint. The fragrance inspires a potential home buyer to see a home, rather than just a house waiting to be filled. You can alter visitors’ perceptions of your own home, too. Make a room more inviting or invigorating, or create an oasis of calm and relaxation just by choosing the right candle or diffuser fragrance.


Inspires a sense of well-being

Sometimes we don’t know why we like a scent; we just do. That’s called a scent preference, and everybody has them. The same person that likes woody or musky scents might dislike floral scents for their strength. Some may prefer bright citrus scents like the cilantro orange Glasshouse scent Bora Bora for their energising and mood lifting properties, while others may be more attracted to the fragrance of fresh woodland berries.

The scent or combination of scents you like can be as individual as a fingerprint, but when you find your forever fragrance, you know without a doubt that you will be filled with pleasure every time you smell it. Choose a forever scent for your home that will fill your family with feelings of security and belonging and you with feelings of happiness.


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