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When you find a fragrance you love, you want to be surrounded by it. But isn’t it disappointing when you find a fragrance that only comes in a scented candle or a lotion? Royal Apothic, Glasshouse Candles, and Pacifica Perfumes are three of our perfumers who have expertly bridged the gap between body perfumes and home fragrances, creating scents that work as well on the body as they do in the home.

Classic floral

Since the dawn of civilisation, flowers have been cultivated for their natural perfumes. Men have long admired the gentle scent of flowers on a woman, and a flowery scent gives a home a feminine, luxurious feel. The scent of rose is a classic example that is widely loved, but for those who think that fragrance is a little old fashioned, try Hothouse Peony by Royal Apothic. It has a similar classic fragrance that calls to mind summer gardens full of heady blooms. It comes in a beautiful jarred candle or Eau de Parfum.

Exotic floral

The lotus flower is an exotic twist on classic florals: serene, ethereal as mist and spicy sweet. It is found in the water rather than the soil, and brings to mind lush ponds with lily pads and water grasses, colourful fish gracefully swimming between the stems. Lotus Garden by Pacifica combines this with jasmine and green notes to create an exotic floral scent that smells equally good in your bedroom and on your skin.


Who doesn't love the smell of fresh, ripe, sweet fruit? These are fragrances you can almost taste; they remind you of the year's first succulent bite of sun-ripened fruit. Castelbel Candles’ Fig & Pear is a sweet fruit fragrance that is never a cliché. In the air, its sweetness is tempered by the slight woodiness typical of fig, and on the skin, it reminds you of a juicy, late summer kiss.


Citrus is a fruit too, of course, but it is in its own category because of the special tang in the taste and smell. The combination of sour and sweet stimulates your senses and has an energising effect. Royal Apothic has a large selection of body items, as well as room spray and a scented candle in 'Lemoncello', a fragrance that’s intoxicatingly tart and sweet.


Remember the smell of fresh, warm laundry, straight from the dryer? What about the smell of a crisp ocean breeze? Clean scents that evoke that kind of scent memory work well as home fragrances, but not surprisingly, 'clean' is a great scent for people too! Amalfi Coast by Glasshouse Candles is a scent that transports you right to the ocean's edge, with the smell of salty sea mist, moss and driftwood, alongside a hint of freesia. It's everything you love about the coast, and it comes in bath and body products as well as the traditional high quality Glasshouse scented candle.


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