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There's a lot you can do to make your home a beautiful and comfortable place to live. But after putting all the work into making your house look great, adding beautiful scents can add another dimension to your decorating. Pick your scents by the mood or feeling you want a room to convey, and switch them out as season or the use of the room changes. For example…


After a guest walks through the front door, the space immediately surrounding them is their first impression of your home. Clean and inviting scents like Aquiesse 'White Tea & Mint' are perfect. This is also a great place for food scents that might otherwise be right for the kitchen. A warm smell reminiscent of baked goods immediately puts visitors at ease. Try Archipelago Botanicals Candles in 'Caramel' for a hint of vanilla sweetness.

Living Room

Scents in your living room should be simple and subtle, and compliment your space with an almost subconscious smell that coordinates with the decor. Earthy and green scents work with organic tones, and light florals compliment a more feminine or romantic style. If you have eclectic tastes or simply want a scent everyone will find relaxing, some combination of citrus, herbs and vanilla is universally inviting. Our top picks are 'Bamboo Teak' by Archipelago Botanicals and Glasshouse Candles 'Bora Bora'.


The kitchen is always a source of competing smells, and that can make it difficult to fragrance the house effectively. What works best is to choose a scent that coordinates with food smells instead of trying to cover them. Coffee, vanilla, spices, and fruit are all good choices, in combinations that reflect the season. Florals are not recommended for kitchens except as very minor notes that compliment clean, food-related scents. A fresh fragrance, combined with a naturally sweet scent like fruit or honey, refreshes the air. Our kitchen must-haves are Ecoya's 'French Pear' and 'Fresh Persimmon' by WoodWick Candles.


Above all other rooms in the house, the bedroom is usually the most personal of spaces and your private sanctuary. Visitors rarely tread here. Two scent categories work really well for bedrooms, depending on your mood. If you prefer a scent evoking crisp white sheets and open windows that's as relaxing as it is energising, you should try 'Lavender, Valencia, and Clary Sage' by Jaye Niemi Candles. For romantic evenings, rich fabrics and warm embraces, fragrances that include amber, musk, sandalwood, or spices alongside floral notes are wonderful. For a spicy and alluring scent, try 'The Seduction of Mark Antony', also by JNC.

Problem Areas

Areas associated with unpleasant odours like the bathroom, pet/utility room and shoe closet require clean scents, because anything else you use has the risk of blending—with a not-so-pleasant result. Ocean, evergreen, citrus and linen fragrances are ideal for these areas because of their natural odour-fighting properties. You can't go wrong with WoodWick Candles' 'Linen' or Archipelago Botanicals 'Eucalyptus'.


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