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Just as layering body scents creates a richer, deeper, and longer lasting fragrance, the same is true of home fragrances. With all the possible choices of products – candles, diffusers, room sprays, pot-pourri and incense, layering your home fragrance to make it linger is easier than ever.


Stick with a simple fragrance theme

It is much easier to fragrance your home with long lasting effect if you stick within one or two fragrance categories. For example, vanilla is a universally pleasing smell whether it is a high note or a base note. If you combine vanilla with herbs in the living room, citrus in the kitchen and spices and musk in the bedroom, you've created a scent story throughout your house that eases the transition from room to room and creates a more enduring effect.


Choose the right scents for longevity

Trust your nose! Lighter, brighter and green scents like fruits and citrus, herbs, grass etc. are more volatile and evaporate more quickly. Richer, deeper, and more woody scents like amber, musk, spices and many florals naturally last longer. To prolong your home fragrance, choose a durable scent for a base and complimentary, lighter scents in your scented candles and sprays for when you're home.


Use similar products correctly

This is where layering really comes into play. A large candle is suitable for a large room, but would be completely overwhelming in a small space. Reed diffusers only scent a relatively small radius, so they would be unnoticeable tucked into the corner of a large room. Room sprays are great for an instant burst of scent, but they can contribute to a much more subtle and lasting effect, too.

To layer scents correctly, start with reed diffusers, especially if there is going to be variation in scent from room to room. These create an extremely subtle base layer that is perfect for everyday. When you need a higher impact product, scented candles are best for large areas, or to disperse a common scent throughout the house. Their scents usually last well after they have been blown out. Room sprays offer a potent short term scent followed by a subtler and gentler long term scent as they settle gently onto fabrics and carpet. Using the right products in the right combinations creates a long lasting home fragrance that will make you smile every time you return home.


Eliminate competing odours

If you have pets, cook fish or don’t empty the bin regularly, those smells are going to counteract whatever products you use. The same is true of old air filters, mould, and dirty linens and shoes. Using your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans correctly to eliminate competing odours promptly lets your home fragrance products take centre stage. Be conscientious about removing competing odours, and your home fragrance will be more pleasing and longer lasting!

Finally, remember that using high quality products from Scentiments can provide a more subtle and enduring home fragrance than cheaper and lower quality alternatives.


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