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Lavender has been a popular scent since ancient times. Records of it go as far back as 2,500 years in the region of Arabia. It smells flowery yet clean and is a staple scent used by many perfumers both by itself and in interesting combinations. Lavender flowers retain most of their scent after they dry, and ancient people leaned that their long-lasting fragrance makes them useful long after the blooms have been harvested.

In its long and varied history, lavender has been used to flavour food, to repel insects and odours, to cure ailments and clear the mind, and to clean and scent bodies and homes. To many, it is a calming, relaxing and soothing scent. If you'd like a little hint of lavender in your own home, look no further than our high quality lavender-based home fragrance brands.

Glasshouse Candles

Monet's Garden by Glasshouse uses a hint of lavender to add a clear bottom note to compliment the warm top note, tuberose. It is a simple, clean scent, sweetly and gently floral. The lavender adds a beautiful relaxing quality to a candle that smells like a stone cottage in a garden pretty enough to inspire a painting.

Aquiesse Candles & Diffusers

Aquiesse takes their lavender in a completely different direction. 'Lavender Chaparral' combines sage, sandalwood and dry chaparral with a whiff of wild lavender. The lavender matches the sage to a surprising but complimentary sweetness, for an intoxicating scent as untamed as the outback.

Castelbel Candles

For those of you who love lavender all by itself and want more of an impact, Castelbel Candles has a line of home fragrance products that are pure, simple 'Lavender'. Whether you buy the candles, the room spray or the diffuser, you'll have the sweetness and crispness of pure lavender oil to complement your space and add a light, clean scent to your beauty routine.

Jaye Niemi Candles

Jaye Niemi Candles has one Lavender scent, 'Lavender, Valencia, and Clary Sage', that smells just the way you think it should; tranquil and restful but fresh and clean. The orange adds a bit of energising brightness to the calming lavender. If waking up in crisp white sheets to open windows with gauzy curtains blowing in the breeze had a scent, this would be it.

Buckley & Phillips

Buckley & Philips has two scented candles that use lavender in the same way – to create a pleasant, calming, and subdued aroma. The appropriately named 'Relaxing' and 'Stress Less' candles use lavender essential oils to compliment other relaxing and soothing fragrances. Together, these fragrance combinations create an atmosphere of peace and restfulness. Either one of these will give your space a spa-like feeling that will fill you with tranquillity and inspire deep relaxation.

Lavender is one of the most popular flower scents for good reason. It’s warm, yet clean and rich, yet simple and distinctive. Choose a pure lavender scent or a blend with a prominent note of lavender for a pure, relaxing, summery fragrance.


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