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With summer coming, exams finishing and holidays arriving, the party season is now upon us!  But can you make your makeup last all night without the need to reapply?  Here are my tips to make your makeup last the whole night. Firstly, you need to apply a great primer, this will be the difference to making your makeup last.  The Face of Australia ‘Perfect Primer’ is a great choice.  If you tend to wear a lot of eye makeup, also apply an eye shadow primer to help your makeup stay on longer in this area and not crease or go oily. Set your foundation with a powder, concentrating on the under the eye areas, forehead, and nose, especially if you find you sweat a lot or develop oily skin as the night goes on. The ‘Transparent Powder’ by Face of Australia is affordable and works so well to keep makeup on all night. You can also purchase makeup-setting spray, which will dry and set your makeup in place even longer. I like the new Victoria Secret ‘Makeup Setting Spray’, which can also be used as a primer. If you can’t find a setting spray, try the age-old trick of taking a deep breath and using hair spray to set your makeup instead! This heavy-duty trick will ensure the makeup stays on even when sweating and dancing the night away. For lips, some long lasting lipsticks can tend to be sticky and flaky, but the ‘SuperStay 24’ Maybelline lipstick is perfect. I love this product because of the double-ended stick. The first layer is a sticky fast drying colour, and the other end is a balm, which makes the lips feel hydrated. This is a perfect lipstick to last the whole night.  Many of us apply perfume before going out, however the scent can soon fade when entering parties or sweating while dancing. A trick to avoid this is to apply some Vaseline to the areas where you apply your perfume (neck and wrists) as this will help the perfume and the scent to hold for a longer.  When going out, my favourite scent is ‘Tuscan Blood Orange’ by Pacifica. This also comes in a handy roll on stick, as do all the Pacifica Perfumes, so you can easily pop your perfume in your handbag and have it on standby.  Next time you’re heading out for a night on the town or just have a long day ahead, use these tips and tricks to help your makeup go the distance.


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