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Italy is one of the world's most fascinating and romantic destinations, and it is a cornucopia of sights, sounds and smells. If you've ever been there, it has probably earned a special place in your heart and in your memories. With the power of imagination and the right candle, you can take a trip back every time you light the wick.


The Italian Bistro

Of all the things that remind you of that intimate Italian bistro, your strongest memories will always be of the scents: the smell of red wine as you smile above your glass; the herbs and spices in a fragrant red sauce; after dinner cappuccino and a rich desert. For a fragrance that captures those flavours, try Positano by Glasshouse Candles, where basil & verbena mingle with lime. Archipelago Botanicals has a Verbena & Basil scent, and they also offer Arugula, a very green herbal scent that with rich basil notes. And let's not forget the wonderful desert; Woodwick’s Fresh Persimmon Scented Candle captures that light, fragrant gelato you remember so well.

Wine Country

Speaking of wine, some of Italy's most memorable scenery can be found in the rolling green hills of wine country. You drank in the views while you enjoyed glasses of local red wine and breathed in the earthy, sweet country air. You discovered new vineyards and vintages, soaked in the beauty of rustic cellars, and walked among vines laden with ripening grapes. With Wine Country, Woodwick Candles has captured the very essence of the vineyards.


The Orchards

Do you remember the Italian countryside, full of fragrant orchards? Imagine yourself driving down a narrow road in the golden light with the top down. Between the cypress tress and nursery fields, you can smell sweet citrus blossoms from the orchards, and behind that, the subtly spicy and woody smell of figs. This magical combination of sights and smells is what draws people back to Italy over and over again. For scents reminiscent of an orchard road, try Aquiesse Candles' Black Fig & Cypress or Royal Apothic's sweeter fragrance, Venetian Grove. For an even juicier smell, Pacifica Perfumes has a Tuscan Blood Orange scent that is so tangy and sweet, it's as if you just bit into the flesh of a ripe fruit. Any of these will quickly transport you back to the beautiful scenery of Italy.


The Mediterranean Coast

With so many miles of coastline, you can't remember Italy without recalling the sparkling blue water of the Mediterranean. Do you remember driving the steep southern coastal road and seeing colourful buildings stacked all the way to the sea? Do you recall sipping the tart liqueur the area is known for on the balcony while enjoying the ocean breezes? Whether it's a memory or just imagination, Glasshouse Candles Amalfi Coast or Royal Apothic's signature Limoncello will take you to Italy.

Scent is memory, and if some of your sweetest memories are of Italy, then theses scents will help you recall them even more vividly.


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