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Sandalwood has been a widely used scent for many centuries and in throughout the world. Most people will recognise this distinctive fragrance even if they are unaware of its name. Sandalwood has a woody, milky, almost musty smell with a unique sweetness and a hint of greenery and spice. It's the smell of oriental perfumes, temple incense and ornate wooden fans.

Sandalwood has long been valued as a fragrance because of its subtle yet long-lasting scent and because it compliments many other oils and fragrances. It is widely used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, and was even viewed as an aphrodisiac in the ancient world. Even today, it would be hard to find a fragrance you could describe as 'seductive' without the addition of sandalwood, yet it is both masculine and feminine, depending on the other scents it is paired with.


Sandalwood as a main note

Aquiesse Candles has two memorable fragrances featuring sandalwood. They are almost a dichotomy, with Black Sandalwood being the richer, deeper and darker of the two. In Black Sandalwood, sandalwood is matched with blackberry, geranium, wild lavender and oak moss. Sandalwood Vanille, on the other hand, is light and soothing with subtle vanilla overtones, and it is very popular with our customers. It’s a cosy, earthy sweet scent instead of a candy-sweet scent. The sandalwood is subtle but definitely there, along with bergamot, lavender, white vanille fleur and musk.

Jaye Niemi's Tuberose & Sandalwood is a heady scent, meant to bathe a room in deep, rich sensuality. It features a flowery tuberose top note, supported by sandalwood and highlighted with notes of vanilla, jasmine and neroli. Royal Apothic has sandalwood as a beautiful single note in their roll-on perfume, Extract of Sandalwood. An exotic woody fragrance, it is perfect for layering or for wearing alone.


Sandalwood as a compliment

Sandalwood is a popular fragrance note, and it's easy to find it in many different combinations. Many of our most popular scents include a sandalwood middle or base note, whether it enhances or mellows the other parts of the scent.

Despite its name, Pacifica's Sandalwood evokes a grove of orange trees, and the sandalwood comes in late and lingers subtly. Spanish Amber would be a better pick for those looking for a distinct sandalwood fragrance. Woodwick's Evening Onyx is a musky, woody and clean sandalwood fragrance with jasmine and black orchid. Lastly, The Seduction of Mark Antony by Jaye Niemi releases every bit of the seductive, aphrodisiac properties of sweet, woody sandalwood.

Sandalwood evokes the ancient, eastern world. Many of us have pleasant, comforting memories of the scent from childhood, but also associate it with sensuality and travel. It’s an important note in so many fragrances because it’s a scent that is so universally loved. Most people associate sandalwood with good memories, if only subconsciously. There are many more fragrances by our perfumers that contain sandalwood, so we encourage you to experiment and find the ones you like best.


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