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Christmas is a busy time of year for us at Scentiments. People love giving and receiving natural, festive Christmas scented candles, and the warm ivory glow of a burning candle is a staple at many families’ traditional holiday celebrations. A beautifully scented candle can enhance the atmosphere at any holiday gathering.

Our luxury Christmas candles were crafted by perfumers to express heartfelt memories of past Christmas celebrations, and the scents that embody the Christmas season are both familiar and inspiring. Many of our customers wait all year to order these lovely limited edition Christmas scents. To make buying your scented candles online at Scentiments easier, we've chosen two brands to feature today: Ecoya and Aquiesse.

Ecoya’s Christmas Scented Candles

For us, Christmas means pools and barbies more often than fireplaces, but the warm, sharp scent of wood smoke still means a family gathering. Whether in the northern hemisphere or the southern, Warm Bonfire Nights is a delightful Christmas fragrance. With notes of sandalwood, orange flower and ylang, this scent is anything but one dimensional and is incredibly comforting and restful. It will bring to mind memories of laughter and love by the fireside.

Fresh Pine Needles smells precisely as it should: fresh, bright and green, just like a freshly cut Christmas tree. Everyone loves this classic Christmas scent, whether it’s enhancing the scent of a freshly cut tree or adding a touch of authenticity to a more convenient choice. The pine isn't overpowering, and it is subtly enhanced with rosewood and citrus.

Aquiesse Candles’ Christmas Fragrances

Aquiesse Candles’ Monterey Pine is a clean, frosty evergreen scent reminiscent of old world Christmas greenery. It smells like a winter walk in the forest; you brush against clusters of green needles and release their unmistakable scent into the air.

Cinnamon Tabac is a new classic. It's such an intuitive blend, comforting and familiar. It’s like coming home for the holidays after being away a while. It’s the scent of cinnamon sticks and vanilla, with just a whiff of your dad’s cigar. It is easily masculine or feminine, and gives an instant, welcoming feel to any room.

For a fresh, tart and sweet holiday scent that smells great year round, why not try Winter Currant? Like an expensive perfume, the layers of berry, rich French oak and citrus fruit entice your nose at different points as the clear, clean flame burns. It smells bright, happy and warm, just like the holiday season should feel.

If a quiet church on Christmas Eve had a smell, this might be it: Ivory Rose Oud doesn't sound like a typical Christmas candle, and indeed it is not. Nevertheless, the beautiful combination of white rose petals, black iris, warm linen and Oud wood makes it a peaceful, classic floral scent that makes a wonderful gift. What better time to give it than Christmas?


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