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Everyone loves a classic Christmas fragrance, one that reminds them of the celebrations of their childhood and the innocent joy they brought. We’re all looking for the one scent or combination of scents that, out of a symphony of Christmas memories, brings us back to the very best ones. Of course, people have different ideas of a classic ‘Christmas smell’. And that's because it's not just about any one smell, but the whole experience; the tastes, the sounds, the emotions, the events—and the people. The most authentic Christmas scent is probably the one that reminds us of the feeling of warmth from being with our loved ones during the holidays. Here are some Christmas candles to bring back Christmas memories or inspire you to create new ones as they scent the air.


Seasonal spice

For the old world smell of a real Christmas tree, Archipelago Botanicals' Hope, a festive pine scent, is perfect. If you’re going with a faux tree this year, it can add a touch of authenticity. Isn’t it the scent that makes a real Christmas tree so special? Joy, a spicy fragrance like cloved oranges and mulled wine, is a beautiful choice, too. In fact, cinnamon and other spices might be the most evocative holiday scents. The smells of pies and puddings, spiced wine and cinnamon decorations are familiar, comforting and appealing. The Woodwick Trilogy candle 'Exotic Spices' combines three of the best spicy seasonal scents in one: Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon and Spiced Rum. Delicious!


Fruit delights

Since we’ve got a summery Christmas here in the southern hemisphere, fresh fruit is traditional Christmas fare. Even in the northern hemisphere, fruit has its place in the seasonal celebrations. Sometimes sugared, sometimes dried or baked into a cake or pudding, the sweet smells of fruit are present everywhere at Christmas. Citrus, cranberries, figs, pears and plums are all traditional Christmas fruits.

Woodwick Candles has two great fruit offerings; tangy and fresh Cranberry and the juicy Christmas candle Trilogy Fruit Temptation, which includes Currant, Ambrosia and Sugared Berries. For a subtle, clean and bright fruit scent, try French Pear by Ecoya Scented Candles. It’s part of their Christmas scent line, mixing the crispness of fresh pear with the creaminess of vanilla.


Sweets & treats

Circa Home's Vanilla Bean & Allspice is delightfully warm. It's a vanilla scent for grown-ups, less like cupcakes and more like gingerbread. For those who like sweeter baking scents, Woodwick makes a ‘trilogy candle’ that combines three delightful scents, called Fresh Baked. It combines Bakery Cupcake, Orange Gingersnap and Coffee Cake scents.

Maybe to you, chocolate is the scent of the season: cocoa, chocolate ice-cream, gifted fudge, boxes of chocolate and gourmet, handmade chocolate truffles. Once again, Woodwick comes through with a traditional and comforting offering: Peppermint Cocoa. For those who like their chocolate strong, hot and bittersweet, Pacifica offers a Mexican Cocoa scent. It smells like cocoa powder, chile peppers, cinnamon and a little almond extract.

With scented candles from Sentiments, your home will be festive every day of the Christmas season.


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