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The smell of citrus is unmistakeable; tangy, bright, sour and sweet. Similar to the way the taste of citrus can brighten a dish, the scent of citrus can brighten your mood. Citrus scents have both energising and relaxing properties that can put you in a sunny mood, no matter the time of year. These are fragrances that mix very well with other fruity, floral, or woody fragrances, but can also delight all on their own.


There's nothing like removing the leathery skin of an orange to reveal the juicy, sweet flesh and delicious juice beneath. Orange scents are some of the most popular of the citrus fragrances, and can vary from ripe and sweet to zesty, spicy and almost bitter.

For a scent like biting into a freshly peeled orange, try Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange. The notes of strawberry and raspberry give the orange its lasting sweetness. This fragrance is available as part of a full line of home, bath and body products, and the right combination would make a perfect gift. Castelbel Candles has two orange-centred offerings, Orange and Orange Blossom. The former is bright and pure, while the latter has more floral notes. Both are available as scented candles and soap bars.



Lemons are quite a bit more sour than oranges, and they have a bright scent that is a great compliment to other green or fruity fragrances. For lemon lovers, it can be hard to find a scent that falls in just the right place on the spectrum from sweet to sour, and it’s very much a matter of personal taste.

If you're looking for a delicious lemon drop or lemonade scent, try Pacifica's Malibu Lemon Blossom. It’s reminiscent of ice-cold lemonade on a hot, sunny beach. If you're looking for a lemon scent that is subtle and only slightly sweet, try the very popular Royal Apothic fragrance Lemoncello. Both of these fragrances come in extensive home fragrance and bath & body lines.



Something about the smell of lime is just inherently tropical. That's why Glasshouse Fragrances’ Montego Bay, a coconut lime scent, is a fragrance made in heaven—especially if heaven has turquoise waters, white sand and delicious cocktails served in coconuts with little umbrellas. For a more subtle tropical lime, try Aquiesse Candles’ Pacific Lime. The lime doesn't tingle in your nose; instead, it floats around the room on a subdued coastal breeze.



No matter how you feel about the taste, most people can generally agree that the smell of grapefruit is absolutely lovely. The fragrance is effervescent and sweet, with none of the sourness that one might expect, given the flavour. Archipelago Botanicals’ Pink Grapefruit is a light, sparkling grapefruit scent, complimented by kumquat and clementine. Meanwhile, Aquiesse Candles’ White Grapefruit Acai is very fruity, with grounding notes of balsam and vanilla.

From tart and bright to sweet and tangy, you'll find a wide range of great citrus scents online at Scentiments!


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