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December is the beginning of summer. Temperatures have warmed up and the weather is a little more predictable. The blooms of spring are fading as those of summer take centre stage. The days are full of road trips, beaches, backyard barbies, music in the park and so much more. No one fragrance can capture the summertime, but here are a few that reflect the nicest scents of summer down under.


Summer blossoms

Summer flowers are known for their power: heady, rich smelling blooms that seem to scent the sunlight. Frangipani and gardenia are two beloved summer flowers that can be found all over Australia. Ecoya has a candle, Wild Frangipani, that gently spreads the fragrance of those sweet little white flowers with yellow centres. As for gardenia, which can at times be overpowering, Pacifica has a fragrance line called Tahitian Gardenia that manages to be light and bright instead of heavy, thanks to citrus and green notes: perfect for summer.


Sun, surf, & sand

The beach has always been part of Aussie culture. From swimming to sunbathing, scuba diving to surfing, sun-bleached highlights are practically the national dress-code. No summer is complete without the smells of salt and sunscreen, boardwalks and balmy ocean breezes. A popular beach-inspired scent is At the Beach by Woodwick Candles. It has buttery coconut reminiscent of a refreshing cocktail and topical citrus combined with a cool watery sharpness. A more sophisticated version of this is Ecoya’s Coconut & Elderflower. It smells just like a holiday on the coast. Add the warm smell of waffle cones, and suddenly you’re walking down the boardwalk hand-in-hand with Woodwick’s Beach Boardwalk or Aquiesse Candles’ Boardwalk. For those of you who like your beach a little more solitary and closer to nature, there several great choices; Circa Home Candles’ 1979-Oceanique, Woodwick’s Ocean Escape trilogy, and Aquiesse Candles’ Shoreline. All are breezy fresh sea air scents that will bring the most beautiful fragrances of the coast right into your home.


Summer harvest

Mangoes are like a little bit of summer wrapped in a colourful, leathery skin. Their flesh is the colour of evening sunlight, highly perfumed, and sweet and syrupy with a bit of tartness. Each succulent bite is a reminder that transports you back to your favourite summertime memories. The most popular of our mango scents is probably Brazilian Mango Nectar by Pacifica. Its coupled with grapefruit for a bright, sweet and very juicy fragrance. Like most Pacifica scents, it also comes in a line of bath & body products that are great to wear in warmer weather. For a burst of other ripe fruit scents in your home, try Woodwicks’ Summer Fruit—a fruit salad for your nose—or Berry Sorbet, a scent as cool, creamy and sweet as its namesake.


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