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The US is a vast country, and it has a kaleidoscope of landscapes, cities, and climates. Someone who has visited Southern California will have a distinctly different idea of what America is like than someone who has spent time exploring historic New England, the beaches and bayous of Florida, Vegas’s adult fun-fair or the sophistication of New York City. Whatever your most fondly remembered experiences in the US, Scentiments probably has a fragrance to match.


Scents of the California Coast

The US has many thousands of miles of coastline along the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes. Depending on where you’ve spent time, thoughts of the American coast may bring back memories of dramatic cliffs, kelp forests, wide, sandy beaches or rolling hills covered with pine trees giving way to rocky shorelines. Whatever your coastal experiences, we have scents that will bring them clearly to mind. For crisp ocean breezes and a festival atmosphere, there's Aquiesse's Boardwalk scented candle. For creamy coastal flowers and driftwood notes, try Shoreline. For more sand, sun and salt, there is Pacifica's Malibu Lemon, a tangy, fresh citrus floral that captures the scent of California’s citrus groves and the Pacific coast.


Scents of the American Southwest

Dust and blazing sun may not have a seductive and memorable fragrance, but we have a few home scents that will transport you back to the American Southwest: lime, sage, chaparral and cherimoya. Texas, Nevada, New Mexico… all have a distinctive, Mexican and Spanish-influenced culture and warm, friendly people. To experience the clean scent of southwestern desert, try Archipelago Botanicals Agave Sage. Aquiesse Candles' Lavender Chaparral captures the Mediterranean-like sublimates in this region. Aquiesse Candles' Cherimoya is another familiar fragrance in the southern western US; cherimoya is considered by some to be the world’s most delicious fruit.


Scents of the Northern Forests

The American northeast and midwest were once a huge, continuous forest, and this part of the country is still heavily wooded. The East Coast and the Great Lakes region are dotted with fresh water lakes for swimming and sailing, criss-crossed by rivers that are perfect for canoeing and fishing, and punctuated by legendary cities like New York, Boston and Chicago. In the summer, boating, hunting, hiking and backpacking are popular in the north, and in the winter, the whole region is covered with snow. It's difficult to capture the scent of streams, waterfalls, pine forests and granite cliffs, but Woodwick’s Warm Woods recalls some of the flavour of this beautiful region of the US.


Pure Americana

Many visitors to the US say their first impression of America is that the air smells clean and sweet. For those of you missing America, we propose you try a clean, fresh scent like Aquiesse's Luxe Linen or Woodwick Candles’ Fresh and Clean.

Several of our home scent companies, including Pacifica, Aquiesse, Deep Steep, Royal Apothic and Woodwick, are US-based. Check their product selections for more memories of America.


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