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The area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn is the growing region for the world's tropical fruit. Several things make the growing conditions in the tropics unique: the above average amount of rainfall and humidity, long growing seasons and of course, the heat. It's those special conditions that make tropical fruit so delicious. Plants that grow at this longitude have adapted to have relatively large, brightly coloured and fragrant fruit. Tropical fruit scents are summery, rich, and are always a good choice when you need a bit of summer, wherever you are and whatever the season.


Edible aromas for the body

Eating a tropical fruit is one of those things that involves all the senses—seeing the bright, colourful skin, enjoying the sweet and tangy taste, feeling juice on your fingers, and perhaps an inner murmur of delight at eating nature's candy—it’s all there. A great fragrance engages all the same senses, and the exotic scent of tropical fruit will make you feel just as delectable.

The plummy smell of guava is the aromatic star in Pacifica's Hawaiian Ruby Guava line of products and in Deep Steep's body care fragrance Passionfruit Guava. Pacifica and Glasshouse both have several great tropical scents that straddle the line between home and body fragrance, including Pacifica's Brazilian Mango Nectar and Glasshouse's Montego Bay - Coconut Lime; they come in scented candles and reed diffusers as well as lotions and soaps.


Succulent home fragrances

Scented candles and reed diffusers are perfect for spreading the smell of the tropics throughout your home. You can have year-round summer with scents like Archipelago Botanicals' Goji Berry scented candle: a bright, fruity blend of goji berry, mango, and papaya leaf. Passionfruit takes centre stage in Glasshouse Candles' ripe, juicy scent, Rio de Janiero. It’s an edible-smelling blend of passionfruit, raspberry, lime and orange. Aquiesse's tangy Passionfruit and Citrus is fresh and zingy, and Ecoya's Guava & Lychee Sorbet sounds so exotic and sweet, you've just got to try it.

If you like a little more complexity in your scents, a little more mystery, then a tropical fruit fragrance with darker, opposing basenotes is for you. Something about adding a woody or musky base-note to a fruit fragrance transforms it; suddenly you can almost smell the fertile tropical soil and warm rain. The combination of scents conjures a whole scene instead of just a taste.

If you’re looking for a complex tropical fruit fragrance, then a good choice would be Woodwick's Coral Berry Mimosa, a blend of banana, pineapple, coconut, sandalwood and musk, or Circa Home's 1998 – Mango & Papaya, which has deeper notes of musk and vanilla. Or perhaps the spa-like Aquiesse White Grapefruit Acai; it brings to mind frosty, fruity drinks on white sand beaches. There are many tropical fruit scents at Scentiments, and whether you're craving an edible, juicy scent or a luxurious echo of the tropics, we have one for you!


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