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Home fragrance is a thoughtful gift for all your favourite people. Who doesn't enjoy the warm glow and relaxing atmosphere of a candle, or the first rush of pleasantly scented air as you walk into a room? Giving the gift of home fragrance is giving a gift of beauty, pleasure, and relaxation. However, it can be hard to judge exactly which fragrance would be the best choice, especially when shopping online. Here are some tips to guide you.


1. Use what you know

If you know he or she loves the scent of roses, peonies, or gardenias, then your choice will be easy. A favourite flower scent in a candle, diffuser or bath product is a gift that doesn't fade as easily as cut flowers or spring blossoms. What about their favourite colour? Let that colour guide you to a fragrance they are likely to love. You may not know what purple smells like, but perfumers have done a lot of the work for you. Look for coloured candles or labels, and things commonly associated with that colour, like Pacifica's French Lilac for purple. Do they have a favourite country that they love to travel to on holiday? Try to find a scent associated with their memories of that country. Do they work very hard with little time for relaxation? Perhaps buy a fragrance designed to create a restful atmosphere, like Buckley & Phillips’ Stress Less scented candle or cake melts.

Most of the brands we offer at Scentiments have such lovely packaging that your gift will become a nice part of their décor, too, and in light of that…


2. Let the décor guide you

If you have even a vague idea of what décor he or she favours, then you have a great starting point for choosing a home fragrance gift. Is their décor light, flowery and romantic? Then an airy floral is a good bet. Does most of their home have a nautical theme, with colours of the sea, pictures of boats or beaches, seashells or sails? Then it's a safe bet to say that they would enjoy Glasshouse Candles' popular Amalfi Coast- Sea Mist scented candle or reed diffuser. Take hints from the colours and items they choose to surround themselves with, and your gift will show your thoughtfulness.


3. Give the gift of quality

Sometimes, though, you may know very few personal details about the person you are choosing a gift for; what do you chose then? Chose a pleasant, light scent that is not too strong in any one direction—not too sweet or floral, too musky or too spicy. Choose something sophisticated and well balanced. Always chose a good quality candle or fragrance item. A clean burning and long lasting organic soy wax candle with a lead-free wick or a high-quality, elegant reed diffuser shows that you care about their health and happiness, and that you respect their good taste.


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