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Isn't it interesting how each country has a few characteristic fragrances that stay with you long after you have returned to oz? The difference is probably as much in the memories of a place as it is in the air. Whether you’ve just visited it as a tourist, or England was once your home, you might recall the scents of freshly brewed tea, lavender and roses and the earthy smell of rain.

The English Rose

The English are known for their love of gardening. From elegant and classical English formal gardens to perfectly conceived patches of urban greenery to countryside gardens with just the right mix of careful design and wildness, England has gardens everywhere. In Victorian gardens, statues, follies and a multitude of flowers greet you at every turn, the most ubiquitous being the rose. The English love roses, so much so that they were chosen as the national flower.

Scentiments has two particularly great rose scents that are sure to transport you back to the sweeping lawns and winding paths of your favourite English garden. One is Persian Rose by Pacifica; this fragrance smells so fresh, it's as if you just breathed in the scent of a summer rose in full bloom. It is romantic and dreamy without being old fashioned, and as bright and uplifting as the real thing. The other is simply called Rose, by Castelbel. It brings you the soft, deep scent of layer after layer of delicate rose petals, permeating your space with a dry and subtle perfume like the smell of roses on a spring breeze. Both of these beautiful rose scents are available in body as well as home fragrance products: diffusers, scented candles, soap and more.

Linen, Lavender and Imperial Leather

The gentle, powdery-fresh scent of lavender is so popular that it's been used in everything from laundry soap to desserts, but many people associate this scent with the lovely, light smell of lavender on crisp bedsheets or sachets in the wardrobe. If the clean yet sweet scent of lavender brings you back to England, then try Castelbel's lavender scented home fragrance products or triple-milled soaps. Deep Steep also has an all-natural line of body care products: Lavender Chamomile, a subtle, creamy scent that will bring back memories of cobblestone lanes draped with purple blooms.

One candle may be as popular for those looking to evoke memories of England as it is for weary travellers and cosy home-makers. That candle is Luxe Linen by Aquiesse. It's the scent of warm linen from the dryer, with sandalwood—the main note in the well loved Imperial Leather soap—and herbal tea. For a darker scent reminiscent of all things gentlemanly – strong tea, cognac and tobacco, smoothed with vanilla and amber—try Black Tea & Cognac, also by Aquiesse.


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