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Valentine's Day in all it's forms is a celebration of love. Whether it's the love of a good friend, a mum or dad, or the love between you and that special someone, it's all worth celebrating. Whether you want to express romantic or platonic love, let Scentiments help you find a gift that will remind them how much you care on Valentine's Day, or on any day!



A beautiful bouquet of scents

Flowers are a traditional Valentine's gift, but why not gift them in an unusual way? After all, a bouquet will fade quickly, but the gift of a body or home fragrance will wrap your loved one in sweet perfume for months to come.

Pretty much any favourite flower scent will work well, but the queen of all flower fragrances for saying, ‘I love you’ is definitely the rose. Whether for a sweetheart or a sweet friend, rose-scented fragrances make a delightful and appropriate gift for anyone, especially when they’re made from high quality ingredients like the brands at Scentiments. Give someone the luxurious experience of being wrapped in soft, scented petals with something like the Cloud 9 Fragrances 'Rose' scented candle. 

Combine the scent of roses with the glow of candlelight; you really can't go wrong if you're trying to set a romantic, relaxing mood. Scentiments has rose scented candles ranging from bright and fresh like Aquiesse's White Currant & Rose to the soft and classic Ivory Rose Bud.

There’s also Glasshouse Candles’ lovely new limited edition scented candle; Rendez-vous Amber & Orchid. It has a subtle, delicate and realistic scent that evokes a dozen real red roses in a vase. It's just as pretty too, with a soft gold glass jar and it's just in time for Valentine's Day!


Purely seductive scents

Passion and love go hand in hand, and these next few scents were definitely created with romance in mind. 

From the other side of the Atlantic, we have the sultry energy of 'Manhattan: Little Black Dress' from Glasshouse Fragrances. It's an elegant and sensual floral. It's the scent of dancing with a warm palm on your back, of holding hands while city lights go by the window, and of course, the feel of that carefully chosen little black dress.

Maybe you're looking to channel the allure of Cleopatra for your time together. The Seduction of Marc Antony scented candle by Jaye Niemi is a sensuous rose scent with darker notes to make it irresistible. Round out the experience with Sensual scented massage oil or scented candles from Buckely & Phillips.

Whichever you choose, celebrate your love with a lovely fragrance from Scentiments!


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