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If you've done your best to bring the outside in with wood, stone and greenery as decorating materials of choice, then an herbal home fragrance is probably just right for you. Maybe you love forests, gardens and all manner of growing things. Or maybe, in the chill of winter and the withering heat of summer, you'd just like a fragrance that calls to mind a milder and greener season. Herbal scents have universal appeal because they are fresh and clean, yet rich and earthy. They smell of the rain and the sunshine, with a green note unique to leafy plants. They can be grassy, floral or woody, or a combination of all of those. Here is a selection of great herbal home fragrances you can find at Scentiments.

Bouquet Garni

From the garden

Archipelago Botanicals has some great herbal scents, including Arugula, a grassy scent with notes of basil, and Wasabi Mint, which is a refreshing scent that is just as spicy-cool as it sounds. There is Verbena Basil, too; the two main notes combine with cedar for a nose-tingling fresh scent. Glasshouse Candles’ Bora Bora capitalises on the ultra-freshness of cilantro to compliment orange zest in a way that transforms it way beyond a culinary scent into a tropical breeze.



Verbena, a flower and an herb, is a popular note in fragrances for its green citrusy smell, like a milder version of citronella. It is often combined with lemon to highlight its zesty nature for a vibrant and crisp scent. Glasshouse Candles has its own version of verbena-basil combined with lime instead, called Positano. The result is a revitalising scent reminiscent of sea air on a forest beach. Castelbel adds a woody note to their Verbena to play up the leafy side, and Jaye Niemi uses it in with a variety of notes to make a luscious combination of tang, spice and sweetness in Living Verbena.



Sage has a slightly drier herbaceous scent, and it is a legendary source of calm and healing. Sage is lovely paired with greener or sweeter fragrances for an earthy and almost pine-like undertone. There are two great Scentiments fragrances that have sage as a main note. Again, Archipelago Botanicals comes through on the herbal front with its Agave Sage scented candle. Despite the desert image that may come to mind, this is a very fresh, though somewhat dry fragrance. It has notes of bergamot, magnolia and sandalwood for a truly unique combination. The other scent is Pomegranate Sage by Aquiesse Candles. It's spicy, tart, organic and woody all at once. It is a rich fragrance that's subtle and refreshing rather than overpowering.

Try one, or try them all. Whichever herbal scent you use, it will be a great compliment to your home – especially with the all-natural and organic wax and fragrance blends you’ll find at Scentiments.


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