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Do you remember your time in France, soaking in the sights, sounds and fragrances and falling in love with the country? It's hard to go anywhere in France without coming across something to delight the senses. After all, there is just so much to experience: the perfumeries in Grasse, wine and flowers in Paris, and fields of lavender and herbs in Provence. Each scent, whether natural or man-made, has the power to evoke memories when you experience it again.

Castelbel Lavender Scented Candle

From Paris...

Paris is the City of Lights, the City of Love. Do you remember the first time you saw the Eiffel Tower? That morning, your family sat down almost in its shadow and ate crepes with sliced pears at that little cafe. For the rest of your life, the light scent of Ecoya's French Pear will remind you of that day.

And how about your visit to the Gardens of Versailles in late spring? Surrounded by the colours and scents of a multitude of flowers, with the Palace in the background, it was the perfect setting when he got down on one knee. You might find that Glasshouse Candles’ La Maison signature home fragrance collection, specifically in No.6 - Le Desir Ardent, will help bring you back to that moment.

Seine At Night

Remember when, years later, you went back for your anniversary? Dinner was divine, and you lingered over several glasses of that delicious liqueur. Laughing and heads fuzzy, you left to get some air along the Seine River; the lights seemed to glow just for the two of you. The smell of the Aquiesse scented candle French Oak Currant always takes you back to that night.

...To Marseille

If possible, the south of France is even more romantic and beautiful than Paris. With iconic scenery and legendary towns and cities, every day can be an adventure.

Lovely Lavender Field

Gardenias are very popular in all of France, but seem to have a special tie to the port city of Marseille. What you remember most is walking the cobbled streets past hedges and gardens full of blooming gardenias. Glasshouse Candles’ scents are rich, beautiful and timeless, just like the city itself.

The majority of French lavender is grown in south France, and its scent is used in many things, from soap to candy. Perhaps you have a clear memory of driving, top down, past the striking purple fields of lavender. Every time you light your Lavender candle from Castelbel, it takes you back to that country road between the fields of fragrant flowers.

And how about that brunch with your Mum the next morning in the garden at that little B&B? They served those flaky croissants with lavender honey, and the bees were buzzing quietly around the fragrant lilacs as you sipped tea from a blue and white tea set. To this day, the light and blissful scent of French Lilac roll-on perfume or the scented candle by Pacifica brings back memories of your time together in France.

Aquiesse French Oak Currant


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