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Even before we are born, our smell is the most developed of our five senses. It's how your baby first recognises you when their vision is still blurry and under-developed. Your baby's favourite scent will always be you, but natural, gentle fragrances can have a few advantages for both you and your baby. Help soothe your baby, establish routines, and eliminate odours that come from baby care with some of these gentle fragrances.

Safety First; Go Flameless

Scented candles are wonderful, but they're not made for baby's room. Since an infant’s sense of smell is so developed and sensitive after birth, strong scented candles and the small bit of smoke they produce can be overwhelming or irritating, especially if your baby has asthma, allergies or skin sensitivities. They can also be a fire hazard once your baby gets mobile, which always seems to be before you're ready!

Either a reed diffuser on a high shelf, or a room mist sprayed sparingly is a better way to get all the benefits of a fragrance with fewer risks. Made specifically with your little one in mind, J Baby room mist and aroma reeds by Jaye Niemi Candles are the ideal choice. The scent is a gentle, soft blend of lavender, chamomile and geranium that would enhance in any room, but is just perfect for the nursery.

Eliminate Odours

The day you brought home your little bundle of joy for the first time, you were no doubt enamoured with his or her downy soft hair, tiny fingers and toes, and that gentle, light smell that babies seem to have. In the days and weeks to follow, though, another scent seems to take over; the scent of the diaper bin. It's almost inevitable, and even if it is only one diaper, it can be overwhelming. A nice, light, clean-smelling home fragrance can help disguise and eliminate diaper odours, from right after a changing all the way until the bin is taken out. The fragrance most suited for this would probably be Lavender, Valenica & Clary Sage, by the same creator as J Baby. It ticks all the boxes for a fresh and delicate scent, and it's made from natural essential oils, too. A quick spritz in the air and the bin will lift the atmosphere of the room and extinguish any looming odours.

Rock a Bye Baby

New mothers and fathers are usually desperate for sleep, and one of the things that can help is establishing a bedtime routine with your baby. Adding the calming scent of lavender to bedtime can help your baby relax, and they soon associate the smell with falling asleep. This can mean easier bedtimes and more sleep for mum and dad. Castelbel's Lavender comes in both a reed diffuser and a room spray. Spray a little before baby comes into the room, and then start your good-night routine. The light, powdery scent of lavender will help soothe your baby off into contented sleep.


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