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The West Indies are a chain of islands more than 3,200 kilometres long in the Atlantic Ocean. It includes the Bahamas and countries like Cuba, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, Barbados, Granada and Trinidad. Up and down the islands, you'll see the many influences of the Spanish, French, Dutch, English and Latin cultures in architecture, language and food. Each island is different, but with the same passionate, yet relaxed vibe. The West Indies are indeed a tropical paradise, with teal blue water, wide sandy beaches, palm trees, and best of all, ‘island time’.

Island time is that special time when you're fully relaxed, you can do everything on your own schedule, and you are dedicated to idle pleasures. You're not worried about yesterday or tomorrow, only about sipping your drink on the beach, watching sunset-lit clouds roll across craggy volcanic mountains or admiring the shimmering reflections on the water. You're just steeping in the moment, letting it fill all of your senses.

Bring back all those impressions and sensations by trying one these scents and before you know it, you'll be back on island time!

Island fruits

You can't spend time in the tropics without being surrounded by fruit. Every meal, every snack, every drink with a colourful little umbrella has fresh fruit, fruit that’s sweeter, more flavourful and riper than you’ve ever got from the supermarket. Tropical fruit scents are sure to transport you back to aa handful of sweet and beautiful memories.

Glasshouse Candles can take you island hopping across the West Indies with their selection of tropical fruit scented candles. Try Glasshouse’s Cuba scent, with it's zingy, fruity combination of pineapple, tangerine and cherry smell, or Montego Bay, a Jamaican-style blend of coconut, lime and vanilla that smells just like a tropical holiday should. For more choices, try Archipelago Botanicals’ tangy Mango & Tangerine and Woodwick's Island Coconut: it’s as cool and creamy as a pina colada.

Tropical nights

The best thing about being on holiday in the West Indies is that the fun doesn't end when the sun sets. Though the heartbeat of the islands during the day is as slow and relaxed as waves caressing the beach, at night it beats to a much quicker tempo. So many of the islands have an active nightlife, and even if you're not the dancing type, there’s still the music. The islands at night are mysterious, sultry and intriguing. Havana Nights by Woodwick brings back memories made after sundown, with just a hint of sweet tobacco weaving through a dusky blend of black orchid and lime. Black Coco Havana by Aquiesse Candles is subtle but rich. It's a more masculine blend that also features sweet tobacco leaf, this time paired with vanilla, cocoa and earthy woods. Neither scent is overpowering, rather they are as ephemeral as the memory of a kiss on a moonlit beach.

Have island time any time, and fill your home with one or more of these great scents!


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