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A perfumer is the person responsible for making the fragrance blends that you enjoy in fine perfume, scented candles, and even body lotion and shampoo! They are very much like professional artists or cooks, blending scents like an artist blends paint and making recipes for unique fragrances. Sometimes called ‘Noses’, they are extremely important to the perfume industry, and they possess a very rare talent. Some say there are more astronauts in the world than professional Noses. They are trained to be able to identify and mix a dictionary of scents to make beautiful fragrances that evoke a scene, mood, impression or emotion. They are able to make natural scents from essential oils, like rose, and equally able to make more modern scents that are impossible to capture directly, like the smell of a bakery.

Scent memory

Isaac Sinclair, the Master Perfumer at Ecoya Candles, is responsible for their luxurious and amazing fragrance blends. Ecoya is an Australian brand, and Isaac Sinclair is the only trained Nose from Australia or New Zealand. He grew up in New Zealand, and he has something like an olfactive version of photographic memory; he can recall the scent of places he's been, even many years ago. From Sweet Pea & Jasmine to the creamy, fruity French Pear, Isaac Sinclair has created intricate, soothing and relaxing fragrances for Ecoya's scented candles and body care products.

Aromatic magic

Good perfumers can take natural scents and transform them into fragrances that are entirely new, or scents that are reminiscent of a fleeting real-life experience. Take for example, a few of the fragrances from Glasshouse Candles. Their perfumers are able to take the smells and tastes of foods like dark chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut and create rich, warm scents as decadent as dessert. Or, they can instantly transport you to Coney Island in New York with the smell of burnt sugar and fig, bringing to mind carnival music and cotton candy. Who would have thought that if you combined fig and the other notes, like peony, peach, coconut milk and vanilla, that you would get a smell exactly like happy memories of an amusement park? Well, a perfumer figured it out. It's just one example of the olfactory magic a good perfumer can work.

Blended bouquet

Michael Joseph Horn, the founder and fragrancier of Aquiesse Candles, has brought together some of the world's best perfumers for his luxury nature-inspired home fragrance line. His sophisticated scents and candles are made from natural, sustainable ingredients and blended into exquisite fragrances by his fragrance artisans. The results are fragrances like Mission Fig, which combines ripe fig, golden quince, warm earth and oak for a rich, soothing and natural scent. Luxe Linen, one of their most popular, somehow captures the scent of relaxation; soft, warm linen sheets, herbal tea, and velvety sandalwood. Every luxurious scent was created by a perfumer, a master of scents, for your enjoyment.


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