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Christmas time can oftentimes be more stressful and chaotic than serene and enjoyable like the holiday was originally designed for. Nowadays we place too much emphasis on present buying, food-making, party-planning and the list just goes on and on.... 

Instead of letting Christmas become a whirlwind of chaos this year, try these 3 steps for a peaceful, joyful, Christmas! 

Step 1: GIVE

Give it a go- you'll feel amazing. All of those teachers, employees, employers, friends and acquaintances you're not quite sure what to give, give the gift of giving! What does this mean? Multiple charities around Australia have the option to give Christmas donations in someones name, you can kill two birds in one stone by giving a Christmas present, and giving back! Also you'll make the receiver feel good about having gave, without any effort on their part, it's a win-win!

Most of the time we have everything we want anyway and small novelty gifts go to waste, or sit in peoples home gathering dust or become re gifted.. let's get out of this habit. For instance, you can give the Gift of Light to poor indian slum communities who don't have electricity through Pollinate Energy. Check it out here. 


Step 2: Shop ONLINE!

With nearly every big retailer having an online outlet, you can't go wrong! Take the stress out of the shopping centres and get everything you can online, some stores even include FREE Christmas gift wrapping- even LESS for you to do! (hint, hint, we do!) Having your Christmas presents delivered right to your door, and even wrapped, will free up SO much more time for you to do the things that matter such as spend time with family, go Christmas tree lighting and be peaceful! 



Step 3: Stay Present

There's a famous quote by Lao Tzu that we should keep in mind.. 

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Concentrating on the present moment, and only what is happening in the "now" is the best way we can be at peace with ourselves and everyone and everything else around us. It's a great way to train the sub-conscious to stay carefree, which in turn changes our outlook and view of life!  


Now, go forth and have the most peaceful, joyful Christmas you've ever had. Stay calm, be cool and ENJOY the holiday season! 



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