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You may have a signature scent that you love to use throughout the year, but it's nice to change things up and use something different once in a while. When you're ready to look for some variety in your scent, why not take advantage of a sale while doing it? It's the end of the financial year at Scentiments, and we're offering special offers on fabulous scented products for every room in your home.

Decorative Containers

Candles in decorative containers add not only a new scent to your rooms; they contribute to your decorating scheme, as well. Imagine an arugula-scented candle in a mason jar for your kitchen, a decorative glass vase for your bedroom filled with a candle in the Moonlit Garden scent, or a frosted glass vase candle with a manly crest affixed to the body. Treat yourself or buy multiples to give as gifts. They'll display your good taste as well as your love of beautiful fragrances.

Body Products

At Scentiments, we know that your rooms are not the only things you want to have smelling nice all day long. We've got a large selection of body products on sale in a variety of scents. Our creamy body butters leave your skin soft to the touch, foamy shower gels hydrate your skin while leaving a unique scent, and classic bars of soap leave a lasting impression in your guest bathroom.

Fragrance Diffusers

Pure scent enjoyment at a lower price; that's what you'll get with fragrance diffusers in this special sale.  These candle diffusers don't need to be lit, making them safer to have around small children or exuberant pets, and they have a stronger scent that fills the room for a longer time. From the sensuous Shanghai Nights to the bright Tropical Flora, we've got reed diffusers to give every room in your house a distinctive new scent.

Candles in Tins

Ideal for gifts and great for moving from room to room, our candles in tins have tight-fitting lids that keep dust and dirt out while preventing the candles from drying out. The decorative metal containers fit in any room, and we're offering three-wick candles as well as the traditional one-wick variety. With discounts of up to 50 percent off, these candles in decorative tins are a bargain that few people will pass up.

Colour Quench Balm

Long a customer favourite, colour quench leaves your lips kissably soft while adding a lovely touch of colour. Choose from Guava Berry, Vanilla Hibiscus, and Coconut Nectar. Colour Quench is 100 percent vegan, the tubes are recyclable, and our special offers make it even more attractive than before.

So why not pay our End of Financial Year clearance section a visit. You’ll be shocked by the savings and soothed by the scents.


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