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The sense of smell conjures up more memories and associations than any of our other senses. It's logical to want our homes to smell like environments surrounding our favoured memories. Each time you light a scented candle or set out a candle diffuser, you have an opportunity to create that special holiday feeling for yourself and your loved ones. From crackling cold days to lazy hot nights, holidays exist all year round. Why not change up your home's scent wardrobe to reflect each season?

Warm Days at the Beach

Warm holidays spending time off work, relaxing and dozing in the sun, are among the most peaceful times many people enjoy. Think back to the last time you laid on the beach, hearing the waves crash into the shore and feeling a soft breeze on your face. Just remembering a scene like that is relaxing, and so will your home be if you fill it with a beachy holiday scent. Try the Shoreline Reed Diffuser, which smells of coastal flowers, woods, and ocean air. The Island Vanilla Soy Scented Candle by Pacifica mixes notes of vanilla, fruitiness, and jasmine, reminding you of sensuous island nights.

Christmas Time

Some scents are generally associated with the end of the year holidays almost worldwide. Current is one of these, as many holiday dishes feature this humble fruit at this time of the year. Archipelago Botanicals has created a Current Scented Candle Jar that's as lovely to look at, as it is to smell. For your most formal holiday occasions, Glasshouse Candles offers the Little Black Dress scented candle, lending an air of big-city sophistication with layers of orchid, musk, blood orange, and rose. Evoke the feelings of nature at the end of the year with Ecoya's Winter Berries and Sweet Peppercorns scented candle. You'll bring the outdoors inside, leaving your home with a refreshing and cosy feeling.

Valentine's Day

This day is dedicated to love, lovers, and romance, and the scent in your home can be the first clue about your plans for the evening. If you want to surprise a special man in your life, scent the air with the Black Cocoa Havana scented candle. With its masculine mix of sweet tobacco, earthy wood, and vanilla, you'll welcome him from the first moment he opens the door. If you're more into classic romance, scent your home with the Rose Room Diffuser. Traditional and beloved, roses will forever mean romance.

To invoke holiday memories in your home, why not check out the amazing range of scented candles and diffusers available at Scentiments today. Our beautiful fragrance products are sourced worldwide, so you’re sure to find a holiday scent perfect for you.


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