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When the seasons change, our moods change right along with them. In months when the chilly winds blow, we want to feel warm and cosy, hibernating inside and turning to indoor interests. Warmer weather brings freer feelings, causing you to open windows wide and let in the fresh air. We often change the decor in our homes to go along with the seasons. Why not change up your home scents to fit with the rest of the decorating schemes?

Hot Summer Nights

Summer's warm air brings to mind scents of luscious fruits and bright flowers. Indulge yourself with a tropical feeling by scenting your room like an island vacation. Pacifica Beauty offers a Brazilian Mango Nectar scented candle with hints of grapefruit and pomelo. Playful but not too sweet, it's perfect for sunny summer days. Like driving on a sunny Italian road, the scent of lime, lavender and freesia fill your room with Glasshouse Candle's Amalfi Coast Sea Mist scented candle. It's light, cool, and refreshing, perfect for your home or an outdoor patio room.

Cold Winter Days

Staying cosy inside often involves staying warm with a sweet cup of coffee, and Woodwick's three layered Cafe Sweets candle will give any room the tasty scent of a warm cafe. The scented wax layers melt together, forming unique fragrance combinations that change as the candle burns down. With layers of caramel, biscotti, and vanilla bean, this candle will inspire warm evenings reading under a quilt. The rich fragrance of Aquiesse's Black Tea & Cognac reed diffuser is a mixture of purple sage, amber, cognac, black tea, and sweet tobacco. This sophisticated fragrance is ideal for masculine libraries as well as comfortable living rooms.

The Lightness of Spring

Spring brings new life into the world, and the Tuscan Blood Orange scented candle is a bright and sprightly scent sensation. Imagine juicy blood orange mixes with strawberry and raspberry hints, and then add Mandarin and sweet Italian oranges on top. Springy, fruity, and sweet, this candle will wake up your mood and keep your home smelling fresh. Spring means new life and new growth outdoors, and the intensely green scent of Archipelago Botanicals Arugula scented candle evokes the feeling of a field of spring garden sprouts. The fresh and green scent of basil and arugula combine to create a clean and fresh fragrance that fits all over your home.

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