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The furniture on the floor and the art on the walls are important, but nothing adds a finishing touch to a room like fragrance. People have been lighting homes with candles for centuries, and scented candles have existed for just as long. Reed diffusers may be a newer invention, but their subtle way of filling a room with scent is making them a popular choice for those who want to add an accent to a room. So which one is right for you?


If you have small children or rowdy pets in your home, a reed diffuser might be the right choice, at least until they grow and calm down. Diffusers simply sit around helping scented oils to fill the room with fragrance. Scented candles, on the other hand, have to be lit to be effective. An open flame is almost irresistible to toddlers and can easily be knocked over by a pet bumping into a table. It's safe to leave the room while a diffuser is working; candles have to be watched while they're lit near children or pets. Candle tins with covers like the Cloud 9 Fragrances tins are safer, because their fitted lid will prevent hot wax from being spilled.



While finding the right fragrance might be the most important decision, the way the fragrance is deployed can influence your buying decisions. Scented candles give off a fragrance when wax is melted, releasing the scent from the hot wax into the room. Candles give a stronger scent and fill a larger area of the room, but the scent is gone shortly after the candle goes out.

Reed diffusers like the Manhattan -- Little Black Dress room diffuser give off a constant supply of fragrance. The scented oil in the vessel travels up the reeds, allowing the scent to waft through the air on a constant basis. While reed diffusers last longer than candles, they give off a lighter scent and fill a much smaller amount of space.


Scented oils cost much more than either candle wax or bamboo reeds. This means that fragrance items with high quality scented oils are going to cost more, whether they're candles or reed diffusers. The key is to find a scent you want to fill your house with, like Ecoya's Coconut & Elderflower, and then find the method to do this. Whether you want to fill the room with a stronger fragrance or lightly fill a corner, one thing is true: reed diffusers can last much longer than candles, especially if you use the candles every day.


You're in luck with both candles and reed diffusers when it comes to adding a beautiful accent to your room. With lovely pieces like the Glasshouse No 2 - Figue De La Foret candles or the Aquiesse diffusers, you'll be happy with either lovely addition to your home.

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