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While scented candles can seem pretty straight forward, there are actually a few 'fun facts' that are worth knowing when it comes to your candles! Read our 5 facts below...


1. Centre stage isn't always the best place for your candle

On the mantelpiece? Try moving them onto a surface below. Fragrance rises so the lower down a candle is, the sooner it’ll fill the room with scent. The fragrance will diffuse over several floors and fill your home. Smaller spaces also hold fragrance for longer, so burning a candle in a bathroom or washroom creates impact, especially at a party!

2. It’s all about the wick

A good quality wick helps a candle burn evenly and gives it a good throw. If the wick isn’t weighted properly at the bottom, or isn’t strong enough to cope with the strength of the essential oils in the wax it’ll veer to one side and you won’t get an even burn. You can tell the quality of a wick from first burn.

3. Wick trimming is essential

Trimming the wick before lighting your candle will offer you extra hours of burning time by allowing the wax to melt evenly and avoiding a ‘tunneling’ effect. Never trim the wick while your candle is still hot, or it could end up disappearing into the wax. If you have a triple wick candle, take care to cut all wicks to the same length.

4. They mature like fine wine 

Never worry about a candle that’s developed a yellowy bloom. It’s a sign that the fragrance has matured in the wax, so those candles can often be the best smelling of all. If you’re a hoarder however, keep your candles in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Candles should last for upwards of two years, but heat, light, and humidity can break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance.

5. Use a supporting act

On their own, candles don’t have quite the longevity to give your home its own signature scent, which is where reed diffusers (currently picking up an unexpectedly chic reputation) come in. Lengthen their life by turning one or two a day rather than all at once and improve their throw by keeping them in the middle of a room rather than tucked in a corner, though they can evaporate too quickly if left standing in the sun or too near a radiator.



Source: Alexandra Red, of Source Magazine, 2016. 


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