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In our next review, we will be looking at a Glasshouse classic....Kyoto!

Now a classic, this candle was first released in 2013 as a limited edition, it was such a hit it has now become a regular due to its unique blend of fragrances that combine for a truly sacred experience. 

So, what do we have to say about the Kyoto - Camellia and Lotus Scented Candle? Find out below! 



Overall, it is a high-quality soy candle, as is all the Glasshouse Collection, that creates a high quality scent reminiscent of a female perfumery, however the fragrance can still suit any gender. It's on the heavier side, with the ability to drift through the home evoking a striking, ever-present and powerful scent. It is best burned in the centre of a room where the smell can drift equally and evenly around your space.



This candle comes in the signature Glasshouse Fragrances cardboard box, which in this case is gold and white; simple yet attractive. More than that, the box also protects the glass vessel while in transit with protective cardboard on the inside. This box is designed beautifully and elegantly.

Our rating: 





The Vessel itself is again the signature Glasshouse Fragrances vessel, round in shape, transparent glass and featuring their one-of-a-kind lid. The little cardboard label that drapes off the lid with a gold ribbon contains the size of the candle and the flavour, it's a great idea so that the vessel itself is left clean, minimal and elegant looking. Designed to suit any interior, this vessel is simple, on the 'plain' side, and much like the other Glasshouse vessels, no change here.

Our rating: 





This one is more on the powerful side. Having reviewed quite a few candles this year already, this is by far the strongest scented one I have experienced. The scent makes itself known within 10 minutes of ignition. Camellia, Lotus and Amber are what creates this seductive fragrance, and it is also more on the 'musk' side. The kind of scent that reminds you of your mother dressing up to go out when you're a child. Excitement, mixed with an abundance (few spritz's too many) of perfume.The scent is not only strong, it lingers! 5 hours after this one was extinguished I could smell it around the home, even at the back of the home in the bedrooms! 

Our rating: 





This scent is not only strong, it lingers! 5 hours after this one was extinguished I could smell it around the home, even at the back of the home in the bedrooms! Scent strength is definitely a plus here. Strong and indeed, powerful.

Our rating: 




This large candle allows for 80 hours of burn time. The large diameter of this candle requires a double wick, which is what they have implemented and allows for a much more even burn. Previous Glasshouse candle's I have reviewed I've found to have the wicks too close together but did not find that with this one.  

Our rating: ★★



Overall, an elegant and high quality candle.

Will suit: Those who like a STRONG fragrance.

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