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Has anyone else noticed that in the last year or so, importance on interior and interior styling has significantly grown, with the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and Bloggers making us oh so envious that our homes don't look like the picture-perfect ones we see scrolling through our phones! So, what are the current trends? Let's take a look at this list below to uncover what the top 5 interior styling trends are so that you, too, can have a home like the ones in the magazines... 

1. Scandinavian culture: 

Everything now seems to have the "Scandi" vibe attached to it. It's cool, it's hip, it's hipster and it's alternative (or at least it was, before Kmart came along...ha). This style of furniture really does have the ability to make any room look more modern and classy at the same time. The light colours brighten up most spaces and the funky wood details add that sprinkle and element of "fun" to the furniture so it's not too bachelor-pad-like. 

A great store to get high-quality Scandinavian furniture, that also meets the beach-house vibe, is at MilkCart. Products are handcrafted in Sydney, so you know exactly where your product was made and where it came from, too! Not based in Sydney? Don't worry, there's an online store too! 

2. Cacti 

Cacti have become increasingly popular since about 3 years ago, appearing in more and more homewares stores and outlets. But NOW, they are seen as the cream of the crop in relation to indoor plants. Why? People are busy, life is becoming more and more fast paced. Not a nurturer? Then this is the plant for you! You don't even have to so much as look at it for them to still thrive and grow. Aside from this, they're also extremely cute and have the ability to add the perfect amount of greenery and oomph to your home! 

This cutie pictured above is by Melbourne Concrete Vessel artisan Penelope & Co. 

I'm also salivating over this Cactus Print from The Block Shop- it's designed for children but it's just oh, so..beautiful. Mint green is really calming and an awesome addition for the workspace. 


3. Blush

This colour is currently off the chain!! Everywhere you turn, there is a "blush" coloured option. And I must agree, it just looks fantastic! It has the ability to go with every other colour (especially shades like greys etc). It's calming, inviting and homely- thought a bit on the girly side. It's slightly deeper to a baby pink, which was a trend in the early 90s.



4. Linen 

Though cotton is softer to the skin, people are moving towards linen for its longevity factor, as well as it's production sustainability. The crumpled bed sheets look is really in at the moment too. Creates the "I'm too busy to have a neat bed" look. Though pricey, Linen can literally last you a lifetime. We mentioned it in another blog post, but Bed Tonic sell amazing 100% linen at wholesale pricing by cutting out retailers. Check it out! 

5. Candles & Home Fragrance

We saved the best for last... 

Candles have been around for years and years, however in the last 5 or so years candles have really become a household staple for both men and women everywhere. The introduction to Soy Candles and their long-lasting fragrance effects sent everyone into an obsessed frenzy for them! It's rare to walk into a home that doesn't have a classy scented candle in at least one room of the home. Short of that, reed diffusers are a great alternative to those tacky air fresheners that hang or spray automatically at intervals. 

Our favourite? Too many to mention! Every candle we stock is of the highest quality and was selected for this reason. The thing about scented candles and home fragrances is that each person will have their own preference. Our blog last week spoke about the best fragrances depending on which room you are in. You can use that as a guide when selecting which candles to choose for your home. 

With our huge range of Scented Candles  and Home Fragrances you'll be sure to find the perfect one for you! 



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