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Easter is just around the corner, once again! This year, we are stocking something a little special at Scentiments and we want to share it with you! 

New to the game, Cloud 9 Fragrances are a beautiful brand with quality scents. Using 100% natural plant waxes (which we love!), their scents are unique, one-of-a-kind and striking. Completely handmade in Australia, these guys have a huge range of fragrances to suit any individual or occasion (such as, EASTER!). 

*Cue Drumroll*

This gorgeous Chocolate Velvet is to die for! It is the ONLY Chocolate flavoured candle we have ever had the pleasure of stocking before and we are 100% in love with it. This candle is as smooth and delicious as it sounds. Think of your favourite chocolate dessert, gooey in the middle, soft and velvety on the outside and with a healthy serving of vanilla cream, yum! This beauty can burn for 60 hours and is only $29.95!


  • Calorie-free!
  • Lasts longer than an easter egg
  • Is unique and different
  • Healthier for body (and mind!)
  • Will leave the lingering, high quality smell throughout your space

So, why not do something a little different this Easter and give your family and friends a Cloud 9 Chocolate Velvet scented candle instead!

Remember, you can use Afterpay every time you shop, PLUS we have free shipping on all orders over $50!  


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