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Fragrance is an accessory. It adds depth and character. And it allows you to give each space in your home a different feel.” - Rayda Vega, Home Fragrance Expert

When decorating our homes we often forget about which scents we should include in each room to create the ambiance that is needed to make a room feel ‘complete.’ We focus on colours, furniture, drapes, rugs, accessories and comfort items, however research shows that the smell a room evokes can completely change the vibe of a room, making it either joyful, positive, comfortable or, well, the opposite…

We’ve followed Rayda Vega, the Home Fragrance Expert, to see what she’s been saying in regards to which fragrances should be matched with each room in the home. She says you should think of it like music. In rooms where you'd typically play soft, relaxing music, match the scents as the same. So, the findings? Quite interesting…


In the typical living room you’d want soft background music, says Rayda. A subtle floral is the equivalent to that, such as a Rose or Peony. This can change, however, if the room is going to be used for a lively party or get-together. Then the music would be of a faster pace, and the fragrance should be changed to something more deep, creamy and luscious, such as Vanilla’s, Chocolates or Coconuts.

Our picks?

For a soft, background music vibe, the Pink Peony Scented Candle by Aquiesse 



For the Energetic Party Room vibe, the Chocolate Velvet Scented Candle by Cloud 9 Fragrances has the ability to create a happy atmosphere with its sweet scent to put you in a good mood! 



So what about the kitchen? Rayda says the kitchen suits something a bit more mouthwatering. Apple, Fresh Pear or Thyme work well- stay away from florals here as they can get in the way of food aromas. 

Our absolute favourite kitchen scent is this Lemongrass and Ginger Scented Candle by Ecoya. A refreshing fragrance with a bit of zip. Fresh Lemongrass, Ginger, African Mint and aromatic herbs- talk about mouthwatering! 


And the bathroom? Go for the crisp scents, to induce the feelings of being ‘clean.’ So a juicy grapefruit, crisp linen or even the candle version of your favourite perfume. 

Our pick? The Linen Scented Candle by WoodWick. So fresh and oh so, clean, clean...


Next, the bedroom.. With this one it depends on the person and the scents they like the most. However, stay away from citrus and fruity scents as they have energising properties. Lavender and Blossoms (any kind) have the ability to promote relaxation so it's great to light a scent like one of these an hour or two before going to sleep. For something a little sensual, you could try ambers, musks and sandalwoods, says Rayda.

Our pick? 

Relaxing: The Lavender Scented Candle by Castelbel. De-stressing both body and mind this is a fragrant antidote to our fast paced world.

Sensual: The Tuberose and Sandalwood Scented Candle by Jaye Niemi. Swathed in Sandalwood and touched by a Vanilla pod, the base notes offer a romantic undertone to this exotic scent. A creamy blend of 100% natural botanical waxes - no black soot or harmful fumes.


What scents do you use in each room of your home? What are your opinions? Please comment and let us know! 


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