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As the weather warms up and the sun shines brighter, we start feeling happier at the thought of summer only being around the corner! We can smell the change in the air, see the flowers and trees blossom and feel the happier mood changes in people.

We’ve compiled a list of fragrance recommendations that can help you to welcome Spring into your life! These scents have been specifically chosen for their ability to fit in with the season change, and will definitely add a ‘spring’ to your step!


Glasshouse Fragrances - Caracas Frangipani Scented Candle


A beautiful blend of Frangipani, Coconut, Orange, Grapefruit, and Petit grain to uplift mood and enhance senses! Fiery on the outside, beautiful on the inside, Caracas captures the spirit of Venezuela with fresh Frangipanis. Walk on the wild side and escape to the tropics with this invigorating scent. Of the best quality, this candle will leave a lingering scent around your home long after you put it out..


Ecoya - Lotus Flower Scented Candle 


Both sensual and soothing, this scent takes the White Lotus Flower, adds smooth Vanilla and Patchouli and leaves with you a calming, luxurious and uplifting fragrance. The light green/blue packaging and accent add to the Spring theme by adding colour and vibrance to your home as well!


Castelbel - White Jasmine Room Diffuser



This delicate white ‘bloom’ flowers profusely in Spring filling the air with an evocative lingering fragrance. This is an exquisite romantic scent that uplifts the spirit. A perfect all round floral scent that is subtle but energising. 


Woodwick Candles - Fresh and Clean


If you’re planning a ‘Spring Clean’ this Spring, this candle is the perfect companion. With aromas of Baby Powder, Pure Comfort and Paradise Blue, your home will be left feeling Fresh and Clean with this lovely Trilogy candle by Woodwick. The ‘Trilogy’ candle is layered with the 3 complementary scents, that when blended together, provide the perfect fragrance for a crisp, clean home!


Archipelago  - Peony


 This scent is sweet, floral and alluring. The baby pink colour is reminiscent to that of Japanese Cherry Blossoms, adding just the perfect Spring touch to a home. Even better? Our Archipelago range is currently on sale! Don’t miss out

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