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We've done some digging- from current home trend magazines, to blogs, to Instagram posts and to our customers even, to find out what the most poplar fragrances for the home are 'at the moment.'

So, what did we uncover? The list below is what we have been able to deliberate (in no particular order) the top 5 fragrances for the home.

1. Vanilla

Vanilla is becoming increasingly popular due to it's ability to fit in with any type of mood, time of day, and season. Vanilla is a scent that is rarely disliked. Despite people using the term 'vanilla' to describe 'boring' it's actually completely the opposite in fragrance land! Always pleasant on the senses- our favourite vanilla scents for the home are the Creme Vanilla scented candle by Cloud 9 Fragrancdes and the Vanilla Bean scented candle by Ecoya



2. Fresh Linen

With 'Linen' being all the rage suddenly, so is the scent! From our research, we've found that people are preferring the 'Fresh Linen' scent because as well as the crisp, clean feel the fragrance emits, it is also unisex! Men are really starting to get into scented candles lately too...and this fabulous scent gives them the freedom to burn a candle and not feel completely emasculated. This scent can suit any room, any person, and doesn't get in the way of reed diffusers or other air fresheners you may have around the home because of its light aroma. 

Our picks? The Luxe Linen scented candle by Aquiesse and the Linen scented candle by WoodWick


3. Lavender

These days, stress and anxiety are becoming almost a part of daily life within our fast-paced western world. With that in mind, and most peoples knowledge that Lavender is the "calming" scent, our sales of Lavender home fragrances has sky rocketed. For good reason too- there is much research out there to show that Lavender has truly calming properties and helps aid in sleeplessness too. The delicate fragrance is great for the bedrooms or study areas where stress or restlessness may prevail. 

Our Castelbel range of lavender home fragrances is our pick for the home. You can choose from the simply gorgeous looking reed diffusers or scented candles.

4. Jasmine 

Jasmine is a classic floral scent that has the ability to excite the senses and mind by its beauty. If we had to choose a word to describe the fragrance it would be: 'beautiful.' And yes, we know you can't physically see the scent, but there is something just simply stunning about it! 

Our pick? The Santorini scented candle by Glasshouse Fragrances. This candle has undertones of a refreshing blue jasmine..mmmm!


5. Spice 

Again, spice has the ability to be a unisex fragrance, it can also spice up any living area! The smell of spices blended together has an enormous effect on our sense of smell, and in turn can excite taste, emotions and even hunger! Great for living areas, dining areas or the kitchen- don't waste time, spice up your life!! 

Our pick? The WoodWick Exotic Spices Trilogy scented candle





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