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As the seasons change once again, we can also change over our home fragrances to suit the warmer weather. Here at Scentiments we have a huge range of fragrances, to suit all types and seasons. This is our top 5 fragrances that are most suitable for winter! 

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Here are our top picks...

1. Ecoya French Pear Scented Candle 

This Ecoya candle is especially creamy and soft. It captures the fragrance of freshly baked pastries and pies...mmmm! Creamy vanilla, ripe pear and an infusion of Star Anise for a rich, warming fragrance. Brighten up your winter with this uplifting fragrance by Ecoya. Beautiful vessel and 55 hours burn time!


2. Cloud 9 Fragrances Earth & Fire Scented Candle

This candle exudes cosiness and warmth with Sandalwood and Cedarwood, mixed with smokey vetiver and patchouli, creating a fragrance of hot embers in a campfire. It is smoky and dark, yet comforting. A great scent to make you forget how cold it is outside and put you in your own little bubble of warmth and happiness. 80 hours of burn time! 

3. Aquiesse Pomegranate Sage Scented Candle

Packaged in beautiful brown vessel, this candle reminds you of a dark, cozy cabin. The Pomegranate Sage candle is a sexy blend of fresh pomegranate, green sage, patchouli and teak. The teak notes create a warming feeling as you look out the window to the grey sky. 


4. Glasshouse Fragrances Tahaa Scented Candle

This creamy fragrance is a little to the others on this list, this fragrance encapsulates the world's famous "Vanilla Island" with rich, deep and sweet vanilla notes coupled with island coconut. Aromatic frankincense balances with earthiness. It's comforting and light. It suits sunny winter days where you feel like drifting away to the tropics. Burns for 80 hours, encased in a clear glass jar with a unique double wick to keep the candle burning evenly until the last drop.

5. WoodWick Vineyard Nights Scented Candle

This one had to make our top 5 due to the fact you get to experience a wick that CRACKLES as it burns to create the cosiest atmosphere you've ever experienced. This one is a smooth blend of red wine accord with bright notes of plum, green fig, and a base of warm musk. Picture a weekend way at the snow, after a big day of skiing, coming back to the cabin and enjoying a glass of red wine in front of the fire- yes please. This candle can recreate this for you! 



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Top 5 Winter Fragrances



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