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So the new season is upon us, the weather is staring to (slowly) get warmer, the sun sets (slightly) later and we're starting to put away the jackets and scarves in exchange for summery dresses (excited gasp!) and t-shirts. So, along with the new season, a good clean-out is usually a good way to feel fresh, energised and ready to take life on head-first!

Minimalism is a phenomenon starting to take over the Western World. Use the tips we are providing below to both clean your house from dirt and mess, and also clean out and up-cycle the things you don't need to have lying around the house, after all, one persons trash becomes someone else's treasure! Clean home = clean mind! 


1. Get rid of things you don't "need"

They say we wear 20% of our wardrobe regularly, the other 80% just sits there, accumulating dust, year after year. Have a long, hard think about what you actually wear and WILL use, and what you won't. A good rule of thumb to live by? if you haven't worn it since this time last year, you may not wear it this time next year either. Can it. Don't think too hard about it. Now, DON'T throw these things in the bin, to some people they could be "vintage" and to others just plain fabulous. ALWAYS donate them or host a garage sale/market stall. For instance, in Melbourne, the Camberwell Markets allow you to rent a stall for only $65 where you can sit amongst an array of other market sellers who are also selling their second hand goods at affordable prices. 

Now, once you've done your wardrobe, do the same for the other "things" you have lying around your home. E.g. old perfumes, cosmetics, kitchen utensils, vases, place mats, toiletries, coasters and just about anything else you can think of that is just sitting there. Once you do, you'll see how much space you can free up and I assure you you will feel like a new person! PLUS you can earn money from doing so- amazing!! 


2. Work the OVEN

The oven is probably the one thing in the kitchen that gets forgotten about by most people. Take this time out (annually) to clean it, and clean it GOOD. My recommendation: make your own oven cleaning concoction- it works! Chemical grade oven cleaners from the supermarkets are harsh on our bodies and inhaling them can have health detriments. Check out this awesome oven cleaning recipe here


3. Practice the art of Feng Shui

No, this does not mean you are performing "magic" around your home, or anything crazy like that. The simple eastern art of Feng Shui is about positioning things in your home to create good energies in the form of abundance, luck and health. This doesn't mean you have to be Chinese or superstitious to partake. Some Feng Shui practices can be a bit over the top, however one really simple one that I love is getting rid of dead plants as they produce bad Feng Shui or bad "energy." This one is simple. If a plant is dead or dying, remove it from the home or place it outside. You can read more about Feng Shui and find the right things you want to implement into your home here.


4. Get a Plant

On the topic of dying plants, if you don't have any plants in your home, get just ONE. They're gorgeous, they improve air circulation, purify the air and they make great little pets. If you're someone who's too busy to bother with having to care for one there are plenty you can get that need little-to-no care such as Succulents (all), Cacti and a plant called the Zanzibar Gem who's motto is "I thrive off neglect." Urban jungles are very "on trend" at the moment and a new plant in any home will improve your living space and also really give you that "Omg it's Spring now" feeling! 


5. New season = New scents!

Yes, that's right. The season has changed now and the fragrances that made us feel warm and fuzzy over winter can now be put aside. Change to a more floral perfume, change the bathroom reed diffuser to something Rosey and of course, don't forget about your scented candles! (Have you checked out the amazing Spring Scented Candles and other fragrances we have available? *wink*). Nothing makes us feel newer than being around different scents. Certain scents also have the ability to make us feel more energised, happier and alert. Read more about scents and how they can evoke emotions here.

Here is a photo of my newest Spring Scent by Cloud 9 Fragrances: 'White Flowers,' it's simply beautiful! 


6. Clean the coffee table! 

Do you have a coffee table with age-old magazines, books, clutter, food (ew) and *cringe* water rings??? Get rid of that immediately! First of all, get rid of the magazines that are out-of-date, remove everything from the table and wipe it down. Thoroughly. For a natural clean you can use lemon juice and water, which will also sanitise it. Use a microfibre cloth for a deep clean. Once you've done that, only put things on there that you NEED. Such as TV remotes, the book you're currently reading and some coasters. There is nothing worse than a coffee table full of ungodly clutter. I love to have a large (pretty) scented candle in the middle of my coffee table as the centre piece and my necessities around that. Try it! 



7. New bed sheets

Out with the old, in with the new. Good bed sheets are fundamental to a good nights sleep. Through your Spring Clean, wash your sheets or invest in a brand spanking new set! Pure Linen is really in at the moment for its ability to outlive cotton (it literally lasts forever), plus it is kind to our planet and sustainable. The downside? Expensive! My tip: Bed Tonic. They sell their linen at wholesale pricing by cutting out retailers. Check them out! Or, short of that, get something new for your bed like a new cushion or throw! Here is the one I got for my bed, I'm in love. #RetroStyling

8. Vacuum

Now, I don't just mean vacuum the way you usually do. Much like the oven, there are probably parts of your home that only get really truly cleaned once a year- during the Spring Clean. Move the couch, vacuum under it. Move the bed, vacuum under that too. Get in the nooks and crannies you normally don't get to. Did you know dust-mites are really unhealthy for us to breath in? Get those suckers! It's also a good idea to vacuum the corners of your ceilings, cobwebs often set up shop there and you can't see the sneaky things because they're so good at going under the radar! 


Now go forth and make your home beautiful! Happy Spring to all :)




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