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Glasshouse Fragrances Christmas Collection 2016 has officially DROPPED! Today we're going to discover the 'White Christmas' scented candle...

'White Christmas' is back with the same scent, but stylish and new packaging and design! A beautiful medley of Cedar Leaf & Fruity Clove- reminiscent to that of Christmas pies and cake. This candle is sure to bring about the Christmas spirit as soon as the scent is inhaled... 

Reviews last year gave this candle a whopping 4.8/5! 

"My favourite thing about this product is that it smells just like Christmas."

"I have been looking for a "Christmas" candle since I moved to Australia about eight years ago, and a few of my other Northern Hemisphere friends are with me on this one. Glasshouse has gotten it right! Perfectly balanced use of cedar and sweetness. It is exactly what I remember my childhood Christmas "White Christmas" smelling like! Thank you!"

"White Christmas does not disappoint. The fragrance is delightfully complex, 'clean' and strong but not overpowering or overly-musky. This is exactly the candle I've been looking for - it's definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!"

Housed in the signature Glasshouse glass vessel, the candle is classy, minimalist and features a double wick for an extra even burn. 

Triple scented, non-toxic and lead free; creating a wonderfully pure and natural burn. 

So, what are you waiting for? This candle is available now! Evidently, it IS possible to experience a 'White Christmas' in the Southern Hemisphere...!

AND, we offer gift wrapping too! 



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