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It’s summertime! And that means long and lazy days, vacation, sunshine, the beach and flip-flops! You can bring the summer into your home with one of our delightful Woodwick Candles

1. You can be reminded of hot, sultry days on the beach with an At The Beach WoodWick Candle. This candle is a neutral shade of beige so it will match any home’s décor.


2. One of the best parts about visiting the beach is the boardwalk! There is always so much to do and see. Plus, there is always a ton of great food to eat and drink. Our Beach Boardwalk candle is sure to take you back to the fun nights you spent on the boardwalk.


3. Go back to the warm summer nights spent hanging out at the beach next to a bonfire. Remember making s’mores, listening to music and hanging out with your friends? This Fireside WoodWick Candle will take you back to those days


4. In keeping with our beach theme, there are few things better in life than escaping the real world and taking a trip down to the ocean. The smell of the ocean air and the breeze in your hair is the perfect combination for relaxing and enjoying yourself. This Ocean Escape WoodWick Candle should help you recapture that moment of relaxation, even when you’re at home.

5. When most people think of summer, they don’t just think of the beach. They also think of all of the delicious food that is available, especially sweet and delicious fruit! Don’t have time to visit the farmers’ market? That’s okay! Just light one of these Summer Fruits candles and remember how good fresh fruit tastes when it’s hot out.




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